Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Run in With the Cops

On our jog today, yes we have been working out regularly for the past week and a half. Its a post-college post-soccer record for me. We had just run a spring up the hill we use and we walking back around to sprint a few more. Of course doing so we walk by a parked police car. As we walk by he slowly rolls down his window, "You know its over 100 degrees outside right?"

The boy responds, "Yes, and she wants you to arrest me for torture." Unfortunately, the officer did not agree and I was forced to sprint up the hill several more times.

And to counteract all my hard work, my dinner has just arrived. We ordered pizza from Papa Johns. Papa Johns because Pizza Hut will not deliver to our apartment and the boy does not like Dominos pizza. We used the 3 medium pizza for $7 and now have a peperoni pizza for him, a half peperoni half cheese pizza for us to split, and a chicken, olives, and green peppers pizza for me. Although I won't be eating my whole pizza tonight. I guess I have lunch for the rest of the week!



  1. Haha! I did the same thing today! I worked out and felt all proud and wiped out and then pigged out on pizza...Totally undid everything.

  2. I love Papa Johns. I'm all about extra cheese. I do love Pizza Hut's stuffed crust though.....

  3. Good for you guys for running regularly!!! Haha, that's funny about the cop though!

  4. Mmm I lovw Papa Johns!! It seriously is my favortite take out pizza. And you totally deserved it after running hills :)

  5. lol that's funny
    And the whole pizza thing, meh It happens to the best of us =P