Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Delivery

Not that long after I moved to Baton Rouge I was at a friend's apartment and both of us were hungry. Neither one of us wanted to cook. We didn't want to go anywhere so we decided we wanted someone to deliver. We started looking in the phone book and on-line to see what we could get to deliver. Let's just say Baton Rouge is NOT New York. The only type of food we could get to deliver was of course pizza. I think a year or so, I actually looked online hoping to find somewhere that would deliver, specifically Chinese food. What did I find, someone posting on a message board, "Why is there no Chinese food delivery in Baton Rouge." Not a good sign.

A bit of a side note to be completely honest, there are a few delivery restaurants close to LSU campus. However, there are no Chinese food delivery. There are however one Italian delivery I liked, as well as a place that delivers wings. Now that we've cleared that up.

Imagine how excited I was when I got a flier for Chinese delivery at our new apartment. I clearly had to try some. So over the weekend me and the boy had this brought to the front door.

Chinese Delivery

Curious as to what we ordered?

Chicken with Snow PeasWonton Soup
Vegetable Lo MeinPork Fried Rice

Starting in the top row we have chicken with snow peas and wonton soup. In the second there's vegetable lo mein and pork fried rice. The boy actually ate all of the fried rice, because I try to stay away from pork products. Yes, I do realize there is probably pork in the wontons. But of course this brings up my classic kosher example. I won't eat pork fried rice because it has pork in its name. I will eat wonton soup, because it isn't actually called pork wonton soup. So maybe there's pork in it, maybe there's not. Makes sense? Well it does to me, and isn't that what really matters?

How was the actual food? Honestly, it wasn't amazing and not the best Chinese food delivery I've ever had. But the ability to order Chinese food and have it delivered to me. I love that. And I definitely think the convenience it worth it.

And of course it can't be Chinese food without these!



  1. I was AMAZED when I saw that in NYC you could have literally anything delivered (and in Seattle they deliver coffee????). Here there ARE few delivery places (pizza, SOME chinese, greek) but mostly it's pick-up. Plus, I don't feel like having to pay for the extra gas fee, tip, etc...

  2. O man I don't think I could live in a place that didn't have Chinese delivery...I LIVE on it! Looks pretty tasty!

  3. Hmmmm, chinese food is the best thing to get delivered!!

  4. what great fortunes and now-- i'm craving chinese food!

  5. awww i LOOOOVE good fortunes in fortune cookies. i'm a nerd and collect them all!


  6. I'm SO with you on delivery! It's the best. I will pay more or order more just to have the food delivered.