Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are You A Scrapper?

When people ask me if I have any hobbies I normally say that I scrapbook. I'm not saying I'm lying when I say this, but more that it is entirely correct. I think the catch is in order for it to be a hobby you actually have to do something. I love the idea of having a scrapbook, and being able to look at it and recall all the memories. I also love all the fun scrapbooking stickers and papers. And I am forever coming up with ideas that I want to scrapbook about. (Maybe one on my relationship with the boy? Or one on my trip to Israel last summer?) Except I hate leaving something unfinished. And I'm still working on my France scrapbook. My France scrapbook from my trip in 2005!

I am about 3 weeks into the 4 week trip though. Of course the first 3 weeks were spent in Avignon and the 4th was spent in Paris. And we did a lot more stuff when we were in Paris. (This is partly because we were actually in class most days when we were in Avignon.)

I was actually productive and did a little scrapbooking this weekend. Want to see?
Fun in the SunNights Out
And again if I'm being honest, I only actually did the "Nights Out" layout the weekend. The "Fun in the Sun" page is actually from a few months ago.

I do know the next two pages I'm planning on making, so at least I have a start. Maybe you guys can hold me accountable to do them sooner than next December?

I will also admit, that I don't think I'm the best scrapbook. I normally pick out all the pictures I want to use and arrange them this they looks best. And I really only use paper and stickers, instead of all of the fun extras you can add. I do think I've slowly gotten better over the years, and do really like the "Fun in the Sun" layout above. If you're curious I have posted my pages before, so maybe you can see some progress. Or if you're even more curious you can see all of my pictures from my France trip.

Do you any of you scrapbook like I do? Or do you actual scrapbook for real, as in more than twice a year? Any one want to share any layouts they've done?



  1. I WISH I was a scrapbooker! The concept is great, I have TONS of pictures. I just don't have the time and motivation! A friend of mine made me a beautiful scrapbook when I graduated a few years ago and I absolutely love it!

    I've since added a few more pages - but nothing groundbreaking!

    I think those pages that you did look GREAT!!

  2. I use to be hardcore into it when I was in college and working at an arts and crafts store. Over the past few years I've just been soooo busy. It's hard to sit down and get it done.

  3. I agree with Amber, I WISH I was a scrapbooker too! I'm just not... I'm not creative enough!

  4. LOL, I'm exactly the same way :P For our 1 year anniversary, I had given John a scrapbook of what we had done in the past year...and it was unfinished, of course. Oh, and I haven't worked on it since, even though I promised :P

  5. I was going to make a scrapbook for my study abroad, but it's way too much work lol. I don't have the patience. I may just buy a memory box!

    What you did so far looks awesome!

  6. I would really like to get into scrapbooking. I have a lot of the stuff to do it and I just haven't gotten around to it. I want to make one big one of my wedding shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.

    I think the pages that you have done look really nice!

  7. See, I don't know if I am a scrapper...or at least 100%. I do use a photo album, put the pictures in there, but I also had clippings of things that would go with the photos, i.e. flowers, quotes, etc.

  8. I LOVE to scrapbook - but I am like you, I barely do it! I have tons of stuff, but I always start a project and then leave it. I was working on my scrapbook from my trip to London in 2005, and I havent finished it! It also got slightly ruined because of water damage. :( Maybe one day...