Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cupcake Scented Air Freshener

When the boy and I moved into our apartment together we never really divided up the chores. We more of did what felt naturally. Which means there are some things we both do separately, somethings we do together, and some things one specific person does.

To start with we will both do general tidying up around the apartment, but at different times. Not only at different times, but we clean up differently as well. When I clean I do something small a few times a week. Say clean the stove or counters in the kitchen or vacuum part of the carpet. The boy on the other hand will clean less often, but when he does will get inspired and clean the entire living room at once.

Laundry is something we do together. I don't want to do this on my own mainly because it would take me several trips to bring everything to the laundry room. And there is the fact that I have to carry the clothes next to the pool to get to the laundry room. I'm always afraid I'm going to drop something in. Which is why I make sure he is here when I want to do laundry. However, its hard for him to do a load of laundry on his own because he isn't normally in the apartment for long stretches of time.

The dishes are a chore I have claimed on my own. Partly because he doesn't seem to remember to put his dishes in the dishwasher. And there is the fact that he doesn't load the dishes the "right" way. So whenever I put things in I will normally rearrange the dishes to maximize space. Since we have a big dishwasher and its just the two of us we normally only run the dishwasher once a week. I normally time it so I'll unload the dishes Saturday or Sunday morning while I'm making me coffee.

Taking the trash out is something I refuse to do, which means it has become the Boy's responsibility. There is the fact that trash bags and heavy, and the dumpster is on the complete other side of our apartment complex. Which means the Boy either has to carry the bag ridiculously far, or put the trash bag in his car and drop it off on his way out. This has some interesting consequences.

A few months ago the Boy picked me up at work for lunch. I got into his car and noticed an interesting smell, "Does it smell like cupcakes to you?"
"Yes it does! And I've searched the car and can't find anything in it."

Almost I week later I walked by his car and noticed a bag of trash in the back. A bag of trash that he been in his car for a week. A bag of trash the contained some imitation Easter peeps candy I had thrown out because they weren't very good. So the cupcake smell wasn't actually cupcakes, instead it was melted peeps. Even now, several months later, whenever he uses the air conditioning in his car you get a nice whiff of cupcakes.



  1. HAHAHAHAHA. That is SO funny, and here I thought you'd discovered an ACTUAL cupcake air freshener :P

    We don't split up our chores really. Eric helps with the dishes here and there when I ask him to and he will occasionally vacuum, once again when I ASK him too. He will almost always take out the garbage, I ALWAYS do laundry and clean the bathroom. We grocery shop together though, if that counts as a "chore" since we both love it! Haha

  2. Oh man, thats funny! Now that I'm going to be living on my own in the fall, I'm not looking forward to having to take the trash out. I hate it too!

  3. wow. that's pretty gnarly! leaving a trash bag in the car for a week!? eww. haha. my boy's car sometimes has a funny smell too, but I have figured out that it is the sickeningly sweet gum he buys. he keeps it in the center console and I think when it gets to hot, the smell gets stronger. ick!

    as far as chores, I am not a very organized/tidy person and I hate cleaning, so the boy ends up doing a lot of it. he sometimes gets mad at me for not doing the dishes more often, but hey, I cook most of the time! haha. he always takes the trash out too. it is just a given :)

    and about BJs: pretty much every time we go, we get terrible service too! this last time was no different. very very slow. a table of 2 that got sat probably 10 minutes after us got their food first, by about 5 minutes. and we had the same server. BUT I also love the pizza and the salad so we keep going back. but yes, seems like bad service at BJs is nationwide!

  4. That's too funny about the melted peeps. I agree when Matt isn't deployed we have different things we both do. He actually knows the proper way to load the dishwasher so I'm glad of that. He has a bad habit of leaving soda cans everywhere though! I feel like I go around picking up the never ending cans!

  5. HAH! I would enjoy a cupcake air freshner....It would probably make me hungry all the time though!

    I used to live in a complex where the laundry was by the pool and the trash was crazy far away. It sucked. My roommate and I would always put both of those things off. The thought of moving into an apartment is appealing (out of the parents house) but depressing all at once (laundry outside of the house and dumpsters). That and I've had problems fighting for parking in every complex I've ever lived in.

    The bf is def cleaner than I am and when we are in his apartment he is the main cleaner. I don't mind doing dishes but he doesn't have a dishwasher! So most of the time I putt around picking up small things while he goes on about cleaning the way HE likes! :-)

  6. LOL, the car smells of melted PEEPS, huh? Wow, that's what happens with men don't throw away garbage. The fiance's car sometimes smells of cheese...I don't know why.

    Hm, dividing up chores, eh? I never thought about that. I currently do most of the chores around here. I do tell him to pick up his dirty clothes and put them in the laundry room, and every so often, I make him take the trash out.

    But you gave me an idea for when we get married and move in to our own home. Thanks ;)

  7. ah i loved this post :) my bf and I are planning on moving in together later this year hopefully and I wonder sometimes how the chores and everything is going to go? its a whole new way of living and its nice to know that things work themselves out! funny cupcake story :)

  8. If they made a cupcake scented air freshener, I would probably buy it! Sounds kind of good!

    I am the same way w/ loading the dishwasher. It's something I picked up from my mom. My last boyfriend learned pretty quickly that it was best for him to just let me do the dish loading!

  9. Hahahah that's too funny!! We split chores, mainly we both do the dishes, he takes out the trash and I put away the laundry (we send it out.) As for cleaning? Well we're both lazy and messy so we have a cleaning woman come in. :)

  10. So funny.... Thank goodness the smell is just old peeps that smell like cupcakes. OMG, can you imagine if it had been old milk or worse!

  11. LOL!!! This made me laugh so hard :P At least it wasn't anything gross...You could totally market that and sell your own cupcake air fresheners :P

  12. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag