Thursday, July 9, 2009

7 and 7

Amber at Girl With the Red Hair sent me this award!
I'm not really sure what the same of it is. The image is called premio meme award, and if you look really closely the award itself say Meme blog 2009 award. So I guess I will officially call it Premium MEME 2009 Award.

Let's begin. The rules of the Premium MEME 2009 Award are as followed:

"To accept this award, the recipient must list 7 traits about myself and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog."

And we're off.

1. I have a ginormous sweet tooth. If I could I would love off candy 100%. This means of course I waste far to much money at the movie theater.
2. Continue with number 1, I love Little Debbie snack cakes. My favorite are zebra cakes, although I love buying the holiday themed ones. The 4th of July ones of probably my favorite, although silly me forgot to buy any thing year.
3. I don't really enjoy shopping. I think part of it is because I don't like spending money. I think part of it is because I don't think I have any fashion sense and want someone to tell me what looks good or not.
4. I am always smiling. And no, this is not necessarily a good thing. Its not good when someone dies, and you have to turn away because you literally can't get the smile off of your face.
5. I am obsessed with bad reality television. Anybody else planning and watching 16 and Pregnant tonight?
6. Going back to number 1, my favorite candies are normally fruity, sour, and chewy. My all time favorite would be Zours.
7. If I could the only shoes I would wear would be flip-flops and Uggs.

I'm not actually sure how much the list above is classified as "traits." I'm thinking it might be more correct to have listed things as, procrastinator, sweet tooth, easily excited, and so on. But it looks as if this is what other people are doing, so who am I to argue? And of course the 7 bloggers whose personality deserves recognition

1. Amber at A Little Pink in the Cornfields
2. Carissa at the lovely dove
3. CeeCee at Pin-Up Paper Rockstars
4. Jennifer at Crazy Shenanigans
5. KAC at A Boston Belle
6. Karie at Wife of a Wounded Marine
7. Lacey at Perks of Being a JAP



  1. Big Brother starts tonight. You must watch it since you like reality TV. Trust me when I say you will LOVE IT!

  2. I have a major sweet tooth too! And I did watch one episode of 16 and pregnant and it scared me to's just terrible!

  3. I am SO with you on number 7!! Would be so happy if I could wear those all the time. As it is I wear flip flops 99% of the time in the warmer months.

    Thanks for the award!!

  4. I love this! I'm gonna have to do it tomorrow because I'm seeing fuzz right now I'm so tired. I love love love uggs too!!! Also I'm the biggest fan of little debbie's! I love the fudge rounds and the holiday ginger bread men!

  5. I love 16 and pregnant for some strange reason. and I'm embarassed to admit it

  6. I love this! I have it started and will hopefully finish it tomorrow -- I'm so exhausted, heading to bed now!

  7. Thanks so much for the great award! I'll post this later today! I saw an ep of 16 and pregnant and it absolutely scared the bejesus out of me but at the same time strangely addictive!

  8. thanks for the shout out! will have to do this meme this weekend! it's always hard for me to think of clever answers though, haha. but I am with you on number 5. I get totally sucked in to bad tv! or more specifically, reality tv. one in the same, right?