Monday, July 29, 2019

2 1/4 Years Update

2 1/4 Years Old
You are 2 1/4 years old!
October 27
No doctor appointment, so no official stats. And all the clothing is pretty much the same sizes (12 or 18 months clothes, size 6 shoes, size 4 diapers).
November 14
You are such a little person! Seriously, you are no stop, on the go, all the time. You still love tractors, trucks, and trains. Although a current favorite is sports. You love wearing clothes with baseball or footballs on it, and you absolutely love going to LSU baseball games with your dad. We actually signed you up to play soccer this year, and while you love the idea of going to soccer, you're not always as sure when you're out on the field with everyone else.
December 2
You still aren't a great eater. We can normally count on you to each chicken and it used to be strawberries, but not even that any more. You will normally eat breakfast, depending on the day eating frozen pancakes, croissants, granola bars, or scrambled eggs.
December 23
You've had some issues listening lately, I think resulting from wanting to do thing your way. Unfortunately that does mean we've gotten a few notes home for hitting or biting your friends.
December 29
Your favorite thing to do is playing in the toy kitchen cooking food or coloring. Although to be honest, at the very top of that list is whatever your sister is doing. Basically if she's is doing it, you're over there following her wanting to do it too.
December 31
When did attempt a first movie with you, How to Train Your Dragon Hidden World, unfortunately it didn't go that well. We actually wound up spending most of the movie in the lobby while your daddy and sister finished watching.

January 4
I'm a little in disbelief that you've gotten so big. You're practically a grown up at this point. I know we still have some big milestones ahead (potty training for one), but it's still a little crazy to me that you're not really a baby anymore and are practically a big kid!
January 6
Here's a comparison with your sister at 2 1/4 Years.
2 1/14 Years
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