Tuesday, December 18, 2018

3 2/3 Years Update

3 2/3 Years
You're 3 and 2/3 years old! Practically a grown up!
April 17
Based on our scale at home you're almost to 30 lbs. You're wearing a mix of clothes from 2t to 4t. In shoes you're currently in a size 9.
May 9
Your favorite movie is currently Trolls. You go in phases of watching the same movie over and over. So before Trolls it was Toys Story 2, and before that Baymax (Big Hero 6), with a few watchings of The Little Mermaid and Pinocchio thrown in there. You don't normally watch tv, but when you do, you want to watch Paw Patrol or Shimmer and Shine.
Watching Incredibles 2
June 16
You started Pre-K in the fall at your daycare. (Although based on your birthday, will wind up needing a second year next year.) Starting Pre-K you were so excited because that meant you were able to sign your name each day on the white board. Through practice you've actually gotten quite good at writing out your name.
July 6
You are really enjoying school right now. Each week you're so excited to tell me what your job is. (This past week you were the gardener.) I'm always so impressed by what you now seem to know, things like The Pledge of Allegiance. You best friends at school are still I and N. Although there are several girls in your Pre-K class you mention as well (C, A, and H for instance).
July 7
You love playing board games and doing puzzles. Each night after Bear goes to sleep you know it's time to do something special. Most night that means you want to play one of your board games, but occasionally you'll want to do a puzzle. Less often than either of those, it's playing with your Playmobils.
July 12
You're playing soccer again this Fall and you absolutely love it. You had swimming lessons over the summer and were a big fan of those as well, even swimming a few strokes on your own by the end.
July 13
Also you went to a week of cooking camp over the summer which you really enjoyed. Coincidentally the week after camp ended you wound up going to a birthday party at the same cooking school, which again you had a blast at.
July 22
You are such an awesome kid. Yes, there are moments of meltdowns or sassiness coming out, but no more than what you'd expect from any other 3 year old. You really have gotten to be such a little grown up that I can barely believe it.
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