Monday, June 11, 2018

16 (& 14 Months) Update

14 Months
16 Months
You're 16 months old! (And by that I mean you're 3 days away from being 18 months old, but close enough!)
October 31
November 4
You are 29.1 inches tall (2nd%ile) and weight 15 lbs 13 ozs (0%ile.)
November 4
November 12
You primarily wear 9 months clothes, although do wear 12 months for pajamas. You're wearing size 4 shoes and size 3 diapers.
November 12
November 23
So many milestones to talk about! Your first unassisted steps were when we were in California over the holidays, on December 16th. But it took you a while till you decided walking was the way to go, and it wasn't till mid-January (when I was on a girl's trip to Vegas even!) that you really decided walking was preferred.
December 2
December 8
Talking also has taken off lately. There were occasionally some scattered words, but it was hard to really tell if it was intentional or not. But then at the end of March (a week after you had tubes put in, which may have been a factor), they came all at once. Your current words are Mama, Daddy, bebe, bye-bye, ball, garage, and as of this morning, mine.
December 17
December 25
As for a few favorites, you love playing in the garage (hence the fact garage is one of your words!). Especially lately, you love having books read to you, more so if it's interactive with things to touch of flaps to lift. You are obsessed with some of the most random things. We'll quite often find you walking around the house with a toy knife or toothbrush. You love having bags to carry around, and will put one on your shoulder, say bye-bye and walk away.
December 29
December 31
You still aren't big of food. You drink everything out of your Zoli and seem pretty obsessed with milk. We can normally count on you to eat oranges and macaroni and cheese, but everything else is a bit of a gamble lately. It gets even more difficult when you want to eat with a fork or spoon, but can't quite get it to work.
January 7
January 16
You love giving hugs, especially to your sister. You think it's the funnest thing when she gives you a giant hug picking you up off the ground. I just love seeing you two having fun together, and hope that friendship always continues.
January 20
January 21
You are slowly becoming a little person and leaving babyhood behind, which I'm in a bit of denial of. It's hard because there's so much I'm looking forward too, and yet there's also so much I'm already missing.
February 14
February 24
Here's a comparison with your sister at 14 and 16 months.
14 MonthsIMG_5383
14 Months
16 MonthsIMG_5410
16 Months
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