Monday, June 25, 2018

3 1/3 Years Update

3 1/13 Years
You're 3 1/3 years old!
December 14
December 18
You have gotten so big, I can hardly believe it. Although your clothing size is still pretty much the same... a couple of 18 months shirts and bathing suits still fit, but you also have some 4t dress that work too. With shoes you're still wearing size 7.
December 24
December 25
Your current favorite movies are Wreck-it Ralph and Baymax (Big Hero 6). Your favorite food is probably macaroni and cheese. Your favorite restaurant is Raising Canes, especially the Cane Sauce.
January 17
January 18
You played soccer this past spring and had an absolute blast. You're currently in the middle of swim lessons and love those too. Each day it's a question of whether you had swim lessons tomorrow.
January 27
February 10
You're favorite toys are your magnatiles and legos (duplos technically). Although you still do love cooking in the kitchen. You'll occasionally play with your Bitty Baby or Barbies, but not very often.
February 13
February 27
At school you're still best friends with I. Although C and MC are close behind most times. And speaking of friends, you started entering the birthday part circuit. Your first part was a dinosaur party at the Louisiana Science museum. You've then also been to parties at bounce house playgrounds.
At Rhodes' Birthday Party
March 3
March 10
You still love stories and each night pick out two different ones before bed. It's hard to say if you have an all-time favorite, but you do like the Frances books, especially A Birthday for Frances.
March 10
March 25
You know and can recognize your letters. You'll count as long as someone will let you (although may wind up skipping from 29 to 50). Although while you are great verbally with them, you aren't quite there with writing. You also aren't there with time yet. Everything in the past is yesterday, and everything after sleeping (even if it's just a nap) is tomorrow.
March 25
March 29
I'm so absolutely amazed with the person you're becoming. You're already such a tiny independent person, that I can already see glimpses of how you'll be as a teenager. In a way I'm looking forward to it, and yet there are times when I just want to freeze time because I absolutely love you the way you are right now.
April 6
April 6
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