Monday, November 24, 2014

Frequent Showers

About two weeks ago, I posted about my my baby shower. Except not only was I lucky enough to have one amazing shower thrown for me, the past week I had a second one hosted by the girls in my department at work.
Shower Decorations
It was purple and gold slash LSU decorations, to go with the somewhat of a theme I have planned for the nursery. And while I don't have photos of the food it did go with the LSU theme as well, since we had gumbo, salad, and potato salad. Plus since there had to be dessert, we had the petite fours you can see above as well as cake squares. I even just may have had part of a cake square myself which tasted amazing, along with everything else.
Basket of Presents
They all pitched in a filled a basket full of goodies, and while I won't show you everything inside it, I will share some of my favorites. Of course, by that I mean my favorite photos where I look the best!
On the Night You Were Born
They were a few board books since everyone in the department knows how much I like to read. I'm pretty sure I've lent almost everyone in the department a book to read at this point, or instead they've lent ones to me.
Winter Hat
A few winter-y items, like this crazy comfy looking hat, since I realized once it got cold last week that I really didn't have anything warm for the baby. Obviously I don't need a full winter closest living in Lousiaian, but one or two items will probably be necessary.
Baby Towels
Plus some towels to go along with some Honest brand bath products which I had wanted to try. And while it's not pictured there was a boppy as well as an extra cover, which I had gotten a little worried about since we didn't have one yet.

The two showers together definitely made a huge dent in the items we'll need once the baby arrives. But since there's still, somewhat expected, items I feel like we need to have, so I've already started using my completion discounts to finish up. Once those final items arrive I think we'll be pretty much ready to go, at least supply-wise, although I'm not quite sure the rest of me will actually be ready anytime soon!


  1. so nice! I like the Honest brand diapers a lot, but don't subscribe...sometimes I buy them at Target though!

  2. How sweet! I babysit for a family that uses the Honest Brand diapers and products, they're great!

  3. What a fun shower! My daughter loves the Honest brand diapers for my grandson, Ashton. You have so much to look forward to.

  4. Aw, that was sweet of your coworkers to throw you a shower! Looks like they came up with a good combination of things to get for you! It won't be long and you'll be putting them all to use! :)

  5. I love the collegiate theme! I kind of want a Tech baby shower if that day ever comes, haha.

  6. So sweet that they threw you a shower! What an amazing gift basket too!

  7. Oh, I LOVE "On The Night You Were Born." It's a great addition to your library.