Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Bumpin'

Last week I shared this sneak peak of my maternity photos.
Of course as promised, I'm back with the rest of my favorites from our shoot!
I took photos with Melissa V. Photography who I actually met as a blog friend first. I've been reading her blog, Little Mrs. Married for years, and as she started to get more and more into photography, I knew she was the one I wanted to take my photos.
We had our photo-shoot at the Louisiana State Capital Gardens, a place I'd never ventured to before. But as you can tell from the photos it was pretty gorgeous, plus had a ton of different background options. We weren't the only one with that idea since shooting alongside us was what looked like an engaged couple, a bride and groom, and a family with 3 kids. Basically if you were to put us all together we hit all the major life stages!
These ones with the children's books are probably some of my favorites. (Although I do hate how my eyes are closed in the photo above, but it's a given considering how often my eyes are closed in photos.) I brought with me all the ones I loved growing up and tried to rotate through reading different ones in various photos.
Not only do books really reflect the lifestyle the boy and I lead, but the blanket I'm sitting on also has sentimental meaning. It was actually made by my mom and given to her best friend, who's also my godmother, when her son was born. Then my godmother gave it to me as a wedding present, so in a way it's a gift from my mom to her future grandchild. I'm sure she'd love this especially since I know she'd want to be here able to sew anything and everything for her first grandchild.
As you'll probably notice the boy didn't make an appearance in any of these. As it is I had explain to him that maternity photos really were a needed expense, although I'm still not quite sure he agrees with me. Hopefully though I can convince him to be in a newborn photo or two, but I guess we'll have to wait and see about that!
The photo above is my current favorite of them all, and my current facebook profile photo even. I just kind of love how you can see the state capital peaking out behind the trees on top of everything else.
The real question now is which ones to have printed and hung in the house. I'm kind of leaning toward two in a double frame, but I'm still undecided. In general I do love canvases, yet I'm not quite sure how I feel about hanging a canvas photo with just a photo of me in our home.

Any thoughts on which ones you think I should have hanging in our house? Or how you'd go about displaying them?


  1. These are so beautiful!!!!!! I'm smiling like a fool looking at them :)

  2. The photos turned out so beautiful! I love that you took some photos with books and how special to have that blanket that your mom made. What an incredible keepsake. It's tough to pick a favorite but I think the one that is your profile photo is my favorite.

  3. These are amazing!! I think my favorite is the one where you are sitting on the stairs.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! These are amazing and you look gorgeous. The location looks absolutely lovely and I adore how you pulled in the books, the blocks and that very special blanket. Perfection. It is hard to choose a favorite but I think my favorite is your favorite. I do love the first two in the post as well.

  5. Miss Rumphius!!!! My all-time favorite! These photos are terrific!

  6. You look awesome. I love love the book ones. I think you should hang several together in your house but for sure the first one.

  7. Absolutely stunning! I love all of these photos, especially the ones with the MOM blocks!

  8. they look great! you should hang them in the baby's room.

  9. Beautiful! They turned out so so good. Love that dress you wore too.

  10. I absolutely LOVE that picture of the MOM blocks stacked on top of the books. Love!

  11. I think they turned out great!! I hope he gets in some photos with you, this your time together!