Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Day in the Life...11/19/14

I've always loved reading Day in the Life posts and always have wanted to write on myself. (It's even on my 101 in 1001 list!) I really wanted to get one written before the baby arrives since I know life is about to change drastically and I'll look back on these days and wonder just what I did with all my time. But it wasn't till reading DIL posts by Amber, Amber, Nora that I finally felt inspired enough to make it happen myself. So here it is, a DIL of me, on November 19, 2014 at 37 weeks pregnant.

6:24AM - My alarm goes off and I hit snooze, then hit it again, and again...
7:15AM - The boy calls to tell me he just witnessed an accident around the corner from my work so I really need to get up and leave now, plus take a slightly different route than normal. Although honestly at this point I should be getting at out bed anyways.
7:25AM - Ten minutes later, I'm dressed and ready to go. As you can tell, I'm really not a morning person, and basically stay in bed till the last second possible to then get dressed as quickly as possible.
7:30AM - I throw a pumpkin English muffin in the toaster and start unloading the dishwasher while I'm waiting to finish. I never actually used to bother with breakfast, but once pregnant I realized I was so hungry I needed to. Then of course after getting gestational diabetes had to change up my routine from salted caramel or caramel apple granola bars to a healthier, but much more boring English muffin.
7:45AM - I knew it was cold outside, but didn't realize quite how cold till I saw all the frost on the grass. I realize this may not be that bad considering where you live, but for Louisiana in November, this is kind of crazy.

8:00AM - I'm at work ready to start the day.
9:33AM - I test my blood sugar two hours after eating. At 95, it's right on target. I was initially testing about 4 times a day, but as my results have stayed pretty consistent my doctor told me I was fine to cut back on it a little.
10:30AM - I snack on a handful of nuts because I'm hungry, but also since eating small snacks hopefully means I'll eat less at meals and keep my blood sugar down.

11:30AM - Wednesdays are my current doctor appointment day, so I'm sitting in the waiting room reading, although thankfully not for very long.
11:45AM - I actually think ultrasounds are kind of creepy, which is why till now I haven't shared any photos. But since this is my DIL post, and I did have an ultrasound this day, here's a glimpse of the baby-to-be.
12:00PM - I'm back to waiting, this time for the doctor, but keep myself busy reading about Kate and her pregnancy.
12:20PM - I grab a Subway sandwich in the lobby at the doctor's office and eat it while driving back to work.
3:00PM - Hungry again, so I munch of a few pieces of seaweed snack.

5:00PM - I head home for the day. Once home I'll work out, which basically just consists of some squats, pelvic thrusts, and leg lifts. I really only started doing this once I picked up gestational diabetes to keep my sugars down a little more, plus these exercises are supposed to be good for delivery too. Once finished I jump in the shower to clean up a bit.
6:20PM - I'm on my computer looking at my current blog stats, updating goodreads, and other general blogging stuff.
6:40PM - The boy and I have some pasta with his homemade arugula pesto along with a few pieces of rotisserie chicken.

7:00PM - I'm in bed watching this weeks episode of Survivor. The boy and I can't agree on tv shows, so most nights he's in the living room watching what he wants to watch and I'm in the bedroom watching what I want to watch.

8:00PM - I'm back on my computer, this time writing a review of Linger by Maggie Stiefvater.
9:00PM - Back in bed, to watch an episode of Nashville.
10:00PM - I make a cup of Sleepytime teat to drink on the couch while reading my current book (The Happiest Baby on the Block). Tea is pretty much the only think I use my Keurig for now since I cut out coffee early in my pregnancy, then had to cut out hot chocolate and apple cider when the whole gestational diabetes came along. But at least in a few weeks it should be back to normal use!

10:30 - Since I missed Top Chef when it aired at the same time as Nashville, I'm watching the repeat now.

11:30 - I'm off to bed, ready to start the whole thing again in a few hours.

Obviously I realize that I don't lead the most exciting of lives, but really, do most people on an average day? Except this is my current normal, and I'm happy to have it all written out, especially since someday not too long I'll likely look back with envy at all the time I used to spend on my computer or watching tv.

How often do you spend with downtime in the evenings? Or what are your thoughts on DIL posts?


  1. I am impressed by how fast you can get ready in the morning!!

    I like reading DIL posts as everyone's days are so different! If I am with Phil, we eat dinner and find something to watch on TV or play cribbage. If I am by myself I blog/read blogs, knit, and/or read!

  2. To think, I am at work by 7:15! I bet you'll be happy to have coffee back!!

  3. As boring as you think your life is, mine is more boring, haha.

  4. I love reading DITL posts. In fact, I do a whole "Week in the life" every year on my blog. My days differ from day to day (since I'm a stay at home parent) and so I like seeing how they changed year to year.

    Also, I am also not a morning person. Blargh.