Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday (3)

I feel like I haven't been that great about blogging lately and a lot of little things seemed to slip through the cracks. So I decided to link up with Five on Friday to start to catch back up!
1. The boy and I made it back to Another Broken Egg cafe, which I think has become our favorite brunch location. Once again we split an order of their biscuit beignets, then I had pancakes with blackberries with a side of sausage and a scrambled egg.
Brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe
2. Baton Rouge officially has a Costco and the boy and I celebrated with our first Costco run. Now while there's not a lot of thing we need in bulk with just the two of us we still had no problem spending a couple hundred there!
Costco Receipt
3. I made my mom's potato pie, which was number 60 on my 101 in 1001. Of course by I made, I mean the boy made and I supervised, but that's practically the same thing, right? (And for those curious the recipe came from Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells.)
Potato Pie
4. Speaking of my 101 in 1001 list I also joined a synagogue which is number 85 on the list. Of course my time's more than halfway finished, and I'm nowhere near halfway completed, but I'm hoping to have a post up soon with more details on that.
5. Last fall I was obsessed with Alex & Sierra on X-Factor and was so excited to see they released their new single. This isn't the official video, but instead the lyric video. Although I do think the puppets are adorable and don't think they need anything else. Plus the song is incredibly catchy and I can't stop singing it!

What are 5 things that you want to catch me up on in your life currently?


  1. Yay for having a Costco - I live alone and go at least twice a month!

  2. Every time we go to Another Broken Egg, i want those beignet biscuits & i never get them!! One day!

    Also, dying to go to Costco!

  3. I am glad we are not the only couple who seems to spend an ungodly amount of money at grocery stores/Costco. People are like "HOW?! It's just the two of you!?"

  4. Yum, that potato pie looks amazing! I bet it was nice to cross a couple more things off your list!

    Let's see 5 things in my life are 1) my new job is going well, 2) but it's been an adjustment to get used to getting up around 5:15-5:30 as I have to be at work no later than 7, 3) I'm 100% unpacked and feel pretty settled into my new place, 4) I feel like I am bleeding money due to the move. You might feel better about your Costco purchases if I told you how much I spent at Target this weekend... and 5) I made lentil enchiladas last night for Phil and it was SO wonderful to cook a meal for the first time in about a month!

  5. Costco is like Target -- you always spend more than you intend to when you go. Five things about my life right now: 1) We downloaded the Frozen soundtrack today. 2) We didn't go to church or synagogue this weekend. Ah! 3) I love the new play structure we have for our kids. 4) I read "On The Rocks" by Erin Duffy today and quite enjoyed it. Thanks for blogging about it. 5) I had the best (late) birthday party ever last night!!! Yay!

    1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed On the Rocks! Have you read Bond Girl by her? I know I liked that one even more.

      And I love the Frozen soundtrack too! I bought it last November just for me, and still love listening to it!