Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Movie Review

I may not have seen a ton of Godzilla movies, but obviously you can't escape knowing something about the story. Even so, I wound up being pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

In some ways there was a bit of a twist to the movie. Although talking to the boy that twist is far more common in Godzilla movies than I realized.

I also was a fan of Elizabeth Olsen in this. I know she's been in several more indie type movies, but this is the first movie I can remember seeing with her in it. I thought she was great in it, and love how she's coming out of her sisters' shadow.

Overall I do think this is a movie that's meant for a big theater. We actually even wound up seeing it in 3-D, and I consider it to have been worth it. Although it's not necessarily something you need to run out and see, I get the feeling if you do, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. I went and saw this and while it's not really my type of movie I thought it was pretty good.