Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday (2)

I'm once again joining in with the fun and linking up with Five on Friday!
1. I finally went out and bought the newest Nashville soundtrack. I own every Nashville album so far, and as much as I love the show, I think I love the music even more. And yes, I am still one of those people that goes out and buy cds. There's just something about have a physical copy and being able to look through the album booklet that I can't quite quit.
Finally picked up the newest Nashville cd
2. After I finished my Project 365 last year, I was so excited to kick off the new year and not worry about it. Except I miss it. I find that I rarely think to take photos anymore now that I don't make myself. And while I don't miss the stress, I still plan on taking it on again in 2015!
My current fav, chocolate covered ginger from @traderjoes
3. The boy and I stopped at Trader Joes last weekend, and since I couldn't find my normal chocolate covered fruits, I picked up these chocolate covered ginger pieces instead. I will admit that I'm a bit ginger obsessed, I always go through both mine and the boy's ginger when we have sushi, so it isn't too much of a surprise how much I love these. They do have a very strong ginger flavor which I know everyone isn't a huge fan of, but they're perfect for me.
My So-Called Chaos Best of Blog Awards
4. I'm excited and a little shocked to share that someone nominated me in My So-Called Chaos' Best of Blog Awards! I'm currently up for The Bookish Babe (for Best Book Blog) and Courageous Commenter (for favorite comment-leaver). If you do enjoy reading my book reviews and love reading my comments, I would be ever so appreciative if you took the time to vote for me.

5. Also in exciting news for you, I'm currently hosting two book giveaways. Today is the last day to win a copy of At the River's Edge and you have till Tuesday to enter to win Marie Antoinette's Head!

Do you ever buy physical cds still, or have you completely switched over to digital music?


  1. I LOVE those TJ chocolates - so so good, but isn't all their stuff (-:

  2. I want that NASHVILLE cd, too. Love that that music. Glad to find your blog through the link-up! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. hi from the link up! So glad to have found you! I love Nashville but have never thought about buying the soundtracks...i need to get on that! hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I noticed that you were nominated over there - congrats!

  5. I am totally a digital person, mainly because I have no patience at all and also because we have very few CD stores left locally! Over from 5 for Friday! :D

  6. I will occasionally buy the physical CD is it's the same price or less than the iTunes price. But I would prefer to buy it through iTunes because I don't really want to acquire CDs anymore as they just take up space.

  7. I seriously love Nashville and the soundtracks. I need to pick up the newest one. I didn't realize it was out!