Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wear it

Yesterday, I introduced you to all the shoes I was considering for the wedding. Today is the big reveal. The shoe I decided to go with is the RSVP Sadie in Navy.
I realize this isn't the clearest picture, but it's the one truest to their color. Here is a clearer picture, although the color is a little off.
Can I say that trying to take a picture of yourself wearing shoes is one of the most awkward things ever?
The shoes do fit, although I do think a half size smaller could have worked too. But at this point I'm not sure I have the patience to order a second smaller pair and then mail these ones back. I did read in the reviews someone who wrapped a rubber band around them to make them narrower, which I may try. I'm also thinking of wearing sometime of insert thing-y as well. But the shoes do work, and I can walk in them, at least as well as I normally do in heels.
Just ignore all the random hair ties & wires in the background. And the fact that I didn't zoom in enough to crop out my pushed up jeans.
You can see here that while my toes do show, it's not really enough to be noticable. I am planning on getting a pedicure before the wedding, so hopefully that, along with the pretty shoes, will distract anyone from seeing my ugly toes.

I am still looking buying something to stop my heel (small as it may be) from sinking into the grass, as well as the insert I mentioned to make the shoes a little snugger. So if anyone has suggestions of where I should be looking for those, please sent them my way.


  1. You'll need something like these heel stoppers (
    I like the ones you picked out.

  2. I'm glad you got those! I LOVE them! Loved the purple ones, too, but i am glad you got to have your shoes as your something blue. They look great on you!

  3. I love them! The little roses make them so stylish. Blue shoes are so Carrie Bradshaw :)


    I put these in all of my shoes because they are all at least 1/2 size too big (since no one makes a 3.5)

    They make slightly loose shoes a little snugger and help hold the heel into the shoe.

    I love most of the footpetals products I have used. I also recommend buying some moleskin in the foot care section of the drug store and cutting and placing small pieces wherever you might have rubbing to prevent blisters :)

  5. They are GORGEOUS!!! Great choice!!

  6. They are beautiful! That is a great choice!! Amber's shoes were a bit big for her, too, and she used something called 'moleskin' to help them fit better? I am not sure what that actually is, but it worked for her! :)

  7. So pretty!! What a great choice!

    I wore heels for the ceremony and switched to slipper flats for the reception so I could dance without worrying about falling over or tripping (which would totally happen to me).