Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More on the Tables

Last week I shared the inspiration behind our centerpieces, so today I'm showing my interpretation of it all. I could start by going over why I decided what I did, and what pieces of inspiration I decided to move on from, and where my main inspiration came from. Instead though, I thought it might be easier to start with a picture.
With Lit Candels
As you probably noticed submerged flowers did not make the cut. That isn't to say I don't love the look, but as Heather commented, it just seemed to be difficult logistically to carryover.

I obviously did make use of the wine bottle inspiration. I've been planning on incorporating wine bottles in the centerpieces for a while now, so I've been able to save wine bottles over the past few months. At this point I easily have enough for each table plus a few extras. And I can imagine the the weeks to come as I start to stress out I'll be adding even more to that collection.
Inside the candle jars is purple table scatter, or basically fake purple plastic-y rocks I found at Michael's. I'm trying to track down some blue rocks too. But at this point am unsure if I'll have one purple and one blue jar, or a mix of the colors in each one.

I'm planning on having our table numbers on the metal holders, and in the picture frame a definition of the number used. And we have come up with 12 different extra math-y numbers. Which means I this point I really need to start printing them off as well as their definitions.
Centerpiece Mock-Up
I guess at this point, the only thing I haven't mentioned are the fake flowers which are, of course, from Michael's. I couldn't tell you what type of flowers they are supposed to be, but I just liked the look of them.

While I really love all the pieces involved here, I'm not completely sold on their arrangement, so I have a feeling I'll be tweaking it slightly before the big day.

What are your thoughts on diy-ing centerpieces? And do you have any thoughts on the optimal arrangement for all these pieces together?


  1. I DYI'd our centerpieces. I also used fake flowers. We had bunches of flowers in metal buckets. It was easier to do that ahead of time plus cost a lot less.

  2. I love using the wineglasses! My cousin and I DIY'ed our centerpieces as well--we had an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding and reception, so we had rose topiaries, black urns with red and black "croquet" balls, and black tall hats with roses. :) Love yours, too!

    I nominated you for a Liebster the other day: http://thepharrsideofarkansas.blogspot.com/2012/07/leibster-award-my-first-award.html

  3. I love the idea of the wine bottles! That will look awesome!

    I am going to do a few more wedding posts after all my recaps are done. I'm going to do a inspiration vs. reality post where I post my inspiration pictures side by side with how the wedding turned out and I'm also going to do a details post where I share more information about the details like centerpieces. It just would have been TOO much to try and fit into my recap posts!!

  4. I love the idea of wine bottles as part of the centerpiece!

    I am totally NOT a DIY person. Unless my best friend wants to help me with a project, I never take any DIY tasks on... I am not good at it! Nor do I enjoy it! :P

  5. You know I love some DIY centerpieces! I think I like the idea of mixing the blue and purple stones in the candleholders. I think the wine bottles will look so pretty in the candlelight.

  6. I love how centerpieces can be so unique to a couple! And I think the table numbering idea is such a cute one. So clever!

  7. DIY is always great. I love that you're using the wine bottles.