Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinned Ya - Peanut Soba Noodles

Lately the boy has been saying that I haven't been cooking nearly as much as him. Although that could possibly be do to the fact that the boy is teaching summer school, which means he's only teaching 4 days a week and is finished teaching by 1pm on the days he does teach. He has far more free time than I do, so it only makes sense that he has more time to cook than me. But the point if, after getting tired of hearing him complain, I decide to scroll through the recipes I'd pinned and make something for dinner.
I've pinned a ton of soba/peanut recipes, but the one above for Chilled Peanut Soba Noodles by Claire Robinson of the food network is the one I decided to go with. Since I knew the boy would freak out if there wasn't meat of some kind included, I wound up buying a rotisserie chicken, shredding it, and throwing it in. I also used to maximum amount of Sriracha called for, since I knew the boy would prefer it spicy.
Not nearly as pretty as the actual pin
I wound up really enjoying this. But the boy hated it, and tried to hide the fact he put almost all of his serving back into the serving bowl. Now to be fair, there is a lot of vinegar in it, and the boy is not a fan of vinegar. I on the other hand have a taste for it (back in high school my favorite snack was feta with just balsamic vinegar, now I at least at olive oil to the mix), so it isn't a surprise we had complete opposite feelings on this. Reading through the reviews on this, we seemed to have a standard experience since some readers loved it, and other thought it was too vinegar-y.

With that said, I would still make this again, just for me only next time. And if I'm making it just for me, I would probably hold back on the amount of Sriracha used.

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  1. I have a pb noodle recipe that is super easy to make and has no vinegar in it! let me know if you want it!