Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog Swapping

Today I'm participating in the 20-something bloggers summer blog swap! Which means you can find my summer vacation post over at Lodie's Blog, and you'll find Lodie's post on her trip from CA to GA below!

Well hello there!

This is Lodie from Lodie’s Blog. Today, I am taking over Shoshanah’s blog for the day. Thanks girlie, I have much appreciation. I was born and raised in Northern California; however, I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, when I was 19, and I lived there for eight years. Last year I decided to relocate back to California, but I am missing my Aloha daily. Oftentimes, I find myself using phrases like, “da kine and eh.” It’s a local Hawaiian thang! But I digress.

For today’s blog swap the theme is childhood summer vacations. Initially, I was going to write about a family trip to Nassau, Bahamas.
Then I remembered a family vacation I went on one summer to my mom’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. I was 10 when we took a road trip from Sacramento, California, to Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t know what my family was thinking. My family occupied two vans for this trip. The van that I was in had a total of 10 people, or so, that’s how I remember it. We were crowded, hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

As I’m sure you've figured out, I’m the young girl in the picture standing with family.
The bonus to the vacation was that this guy I had the biggest crush on was in the car with us. His family and my family had been friends for several years, so they were invited. He and I laughed about the most random and ridiculous things the entire 2,400 miles we drove. We even listened to random music like, Kris Kross, as we jumped up and down in the van. And every time we’d drive by a truck we would pull our arm down, so the truck driver would hunk his horn. Silly children, but priceless memories!

On my trip, we made a stop in Arizona and I found this random picture of a man standing in front of a tepee. I will never know the real story behind this picture. I know that it’s staged, but as a 10 year old, it made my entire trip. I believed that I had discovered a real Indian’s picture. 20 years later and I can’t believe that I still am in possession of it.
Once we arrived to Atlanta, I was ecstatic. It was the first time that I would be meeting my southern family. They cooked, and I ate until I was full. My parents were usually strict about what I ate, but when I was around my southern family, there were no limits. “Eat whatever you want bay-bae.” It was the way my mom’s aunt pronounced baby that left comfort in my heart. I knew that I was right at home.

Do you have a memorable childhood summer experience that has stayed with you into adulthood?

Thanks Lodie for stopping by! As for I memorable experience, after reading this post, I can't help by remember camping, I beleive at Calavaras Big Trees, where they had big Indian grinding rocks. Each rocks had tons of small divots that had been worn down in places where they used to grind corn, and where we used to pretend to grind corn.

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