Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Will You Be My Maid

Bridesmaid that is! Although is anyone really wants to be my maid, I guess I'm willing to take you on. But moving forward. I really wanted to do something nice to ask my bridesmaids to be in the wedding, and didn't want to ask them over the phone. With 2 living in NYC, its difficult to see them in person, and really I knew I wanted to send a card. I just thought it would be the "most funnest" option. And I even knew the card I wanted to send.

I've seen them recreated before...

so I figured how hard could it be? Since it looked so easy, I sat down at the table with various papers (and without instructions) and was ready to go!
I did have a plan, and was going to make different dresses for each card that was each girl would have a personalized card. And with four I was planning on gluing the final girl to the card itself, except that would mean the top would be the back of a girl, and I wasn't sure how that would work. Nor could I get all the girls to fold up together nicely and look perfect on the front of the card. (Of course, now I'm looking at the card seeing the girls WEREN'T glued to the card itself. If I had only taken that route it might have worked.) But extremely frustrated, thus accounting for the lack of pictures, I moved on...
Each girl instead would have a single dress on the front of their card. Since I had fallen a little in love with this single-sleeved sparkly blue dress I thought that worked out.

The part I had been looking forward to the most was making each girl's hair look unique, and have no fear, I still got to carry out my vision.
I think I spent 2 hours along on the first card, but thankfully once I knew what I was doing I was able to get the final 3 done in about 30 minutes. All in all I'm glad I did it, and from what I've heard my girls definitely appreciated the effort. And just for fun, here's one more for your viewing pleasure.
Did you do anything special when asking your bridesmaids to stand for you? And if so, hopefully you were able to carryout your initial vision better than me!


  1. Have you considered applying to blog for weddingbee? I think you'd be great!

  2. That is the cutest idea!! You're a much more thoughtful bride-to-be than I've been so far! haha..

  3. Super cute! Flower girls would probably get a huge kick out of this too!

  4. I was too excited. So when I told them I was engaged I asked them to be my bridesmaids. Looking back I wish I would have given them something.

  5. I totally just asked them, but this is WAY cooler!! I love this idea!

  6. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I was so boring with asking my bridesmaids. I wish i had done something fun! Oh-well! Haha. Your cards are super cute!

  7. Yep, I fell in love with the paper doll bridesmaids too! I actually finished the project, but now I'm stuck on cards, so I still haven't mailed them... oops. Yours look fantastic, I'm sure your maids will love them!

  8. I *love* my card, Shosh. It is proudly displayed on my refrigerator. I enjoyed reading how your idea evolved.
    Bridesmaid Liz

  9. I love the card too! Its up on my fridge :) I don't think I've had anything up on my fridge since college...living with you!