Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Cars

Cars 2
First I wanted to say that I just love all the posters for the movie, and wanted to pick my favorite one. But in a way, that ties into one thing I loved which was seeing all of these different locations as cars, the car sumo wrestlers in Japan, the Queen as a car in front of Buckingham Palace, and of course the popemobile in Italy. You could tell they had so much fun with all the little details throughout, and it was just as fun noticing them. Although I'm sure I barely noticed half, it's definitely the type of movie (similar to a ride at Disneyland) where you notice new things each time you see it.

But to the movie itself. I have heard a big complaint about this movie is that it's more about Mater than Lighting McQueen. Except if you saw the preview I can't really see how that's a surprise. Overall I think it's a really cute movie, and if it was made by anyone else it would be outstanding. I do think that because its a Pixar movie people had higher expectations for it, and out of the Pixar movies it probably is one of the worst. Not that it makes it bad, but more that Pixar has put out some great films.

Bad Teacher
This one was actually a bit of a surprise. The previews made it look absolutely hysterical, and while it was, it wasn't the movie I expected it to see. To start off with there wasn't much of a plot. The previews made it seem as if the central plotline was going to be Cameron Diaz's seduction of Justin Timberlake, and while yes, that was there, I wouldn't call it the central plot.

The surprise of the movie for me was Jason Segel. I've liked him before at least in general, but here he had a great number of one-liners. He definitely wasn't the character I expected him to be, and actually neither was Justin Timberlake. It is a fun movie, and I am glad I saw it, just looking back I'm surprised by exactly how the movie played out.

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