Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taco Time

Last week the boy had a craving for tacos. But instead of making them with ground beef the normal way, he wanted to go with skirt steak. The plan was to cook the meat in our slower cooker. Since he had a late start that day he'd set them up and when I go home from work first I'd finish them off. The was a small kink in the plan when our local store didn't carry skirt steak, but we made another cut (I think beef tips) work for us.

The boy seasoned the meat to his taste without really following a recipe, except for checking how long the meat had to cook. But the time I got home from work it was practically ready. It didn't wind up tasting like normal taco meat, instead more like a pot roast, but once you added all the toppings it worked perfectly. I topped mine with tomatoes, black beans, onions cooked in the crock pot with meat, and a dollop of guacamole all on top of a chipotle tortilla.(I wound up buying both chipotle and normal tortillas since I wasn't sure how the chipotle work would. But the chipotles wound up being the better choice.) Overall I think these are probably some of the best tacos we've made.
Steak Tacos
I also tried my hand at some Mexican rice. I didn't add tomatoes since the boy isn't a fan, but added some yellow bell pepper. (Red peppers would have probably been better for a color difference, but I used what was easily accessible.) While I did add enough seasoning to get the rice to turn yellow, it wasn't near enough to taste. I was afraid I was adding too much, but clearing that wasn't the case. I guess next time I need to add for more than I think I should.

I'd love to share the recipes we used for this meal, except I don't have any. So instead what's your favorite type of taco filling?


  1. yum! I love tacos. I love all mexican food actually. I made enchiladas last night. BBQ pork tacos and buffalo shrimp tacos are my favorite! though I rarely make those at home.

  2. I tried to make mexican rice from scratch once and it was an epic fail!

  3. That looks so good!! I really like beef tacos with tons of cheese!