Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out of the Know

Martin Harris is traveling to Germany with his wife, but early in his stay he finds himself in an almost deadly car accident. Upon waking at the hospital he goes to track down his wife, except once he finds her she doesn't know who he is. In fact there's someone else impersonating as him. Martin wants to know what is going on, and and even more, who exactly is Martin Harris?

I read somewhere that the movie is a mix between Taken and The Bourne Identity, and I think that's almost a spot on description. Clearly there's a twist in this, how could their not be with the way it's set up, but even though you know it's coming I really enjoyed the way it was revealed and the pieces fell into place. I thought Liam Neeson was great, and do think it's one of the best action type films I've seen in a while. Don't get me wrong, I have no plans to sit through it again, but I only wish that all action movies I'm forced into seeing were this good.

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment about starting my job! I hope everything goes great. I want to see that movie really bad. I loved Taken & I love all the Bourne movies, so I would probably like it!