Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Louisiana Cookin'

As I briefly alluded to earlier this past week my parents were out here visiting in hopes of visiting potential wedding venues. (And no, no decisions have been made, but once they are I'll definitely share.) Funny enough I didn't take any pictures of the possible venues, or even my parents, instead the only pictures I took the entire time there were here were of the food we ate. I hope you enjoy, and I don't make you too hungry.
Crawfish Etouffee
Crawfish Etouffee at Sammy's Grill
Sammy's was actually the first restaurant my parents and I ate at together in Baton Rouge back in May '06. Except after we ate there no one could remember the name. We've wanted to go back, but without remembering what it was or where it was it was difficult. Finally this past fall I stumbled on it again (I thought I had posted about it, but can't seem to find that post.... so maybe not) and since we know knew where it was we finally went back together.
Seafood Gumbo
Stuffed Bell PeppersBread Pudding
Seafood Gumbo, Stuffed Bell Peppers, and Bread Pudding with Pecan Praline Sauce at Boutin's.
Boutin's was actually the restaurant where mine and the boy's parents first met back in Fall '06. They have live music at night, which is the main reason my dad wanted to head back. The food is good, but that bread pudding was pretty much amazing. Just looking at the picture makes me want to go back.
French Toast
Cinnamon French Toast, 2 eggs scrambled, and a sweet potato pancake at Mason's Grill
This was a new find up the trip, discovered in googling "brunch in baton rouge" for my parent's last morning. I love how my french toast was made out of a baguette, but the pleasant surprise was the pancake. The actually meal I ordered was the french toast with eggs, but it also came with a sauce. I ordered sweet potato pancakes thinking it would be similar to hash browns or a latkah, so was a little surprised when an actual pancake showed up. But it wound up being a great discovery, and it we ever head back I might have to go with the actual sweet potato pancakes meal.

Overall it was a great visit, although in hindsight it might have been a little better to take pictures of something other than food! Do you wind up taking photos of only the food on trips, or the exact opposite? Or hopefully you take a happy medium of both food shots and other non-food photos?


  1. love, love love Sammy's! Which wedding venues are you considering?

  2. Yum. I haven't had good Crawfish Etouffee in forever!

  3. Well I just take pictures of everything. :)

    I really want to go to New Orleans for the food alone.

  4. That bread pudding looks divine! Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!