Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Celebrity Sightings

It looks like 2010 was the year of celebrites for me, which is funny in a way. Being from Southern California, it seems everyone expects you to run into celebrites all the time. Yes, I've had a few encounters, but overall it probably averaged over to once every 5 years or so.

But no that I'm living in Louisiana it looks like that's starting to change. First there was Kellan Lutz. Then when I was in Long Beach we say Cameron Diaz. She's actually from Long Beach (and went to the same high school as me), so it really should have come as such a surpise.

We were leaving the farmer's market, when me mom came over to me saying that she was pretty sure she was standing behind us. I stealthily walked over, and before I really saw her, I heard her talking on her cell phone. All I needed to do was hear her voice and I knew it was her. She was completely inconspicuous at the market, so I felt a little bad taking a picture. But once we drove away I changed my mind, and took one through the car window.
Cameron Diaz
You'll just have to trust me that the blond haired woman in the center of the picture looking away from the camera (the one that has the pole through her) really is Cameron Diaz. She was with the blone haired woman on the right, who we believe was probably her mother.

It really was such a random encounter, but it was still fun. Hopefully 2011 can keep the celebrity sightings going!


  1. I never see celebs either. I'm a lame Los Angelino. :)

  2. I saw Viggo Mortenson in MoMA a few years back. He actually nodded and smiled to me, as I made my way to the ladies room. (He had seen me get very emotional over my favorite piece of art.)

  3. thats awsome. I never see anyone famous!

  4. I have never spotted a celeb so that is really cool!!!