Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Past

I've returned from the west coast! It never seems like I have enough time when I'm home to do everything I want to do or see everyone I want to see. It's hard to fit everything into such a short span of time, and not need a full vacation afterwards. If I had sometime of instant travel system I'd be in California every few weeks. But without one, it's hard to do so factoring flying time and even the cost of the flight. So I guess all I can really do is make the most of my time while I'm there!

We flew in Christmas eve, and really only had the energy for pizza from my parents' local Italian restaurant. But starting Christmas day we were over with my grandmother to celebrate.
Christmas Dinner
We opened presants, had a great holiday meal of prime rib, yorkshire pudding, and various veggitables, and really just had a good time together. It wasn't really enough time, so we were back the next day for more of the same, this time with the addition of my aunt and uncle and one of my brother's friends as well.
Overall it was a really good Christmas, and it's always nice being able to spend time with family.


  1. Great photo!!! I agree - SO nice to spend time with family at the holidays :)

  2. I am glad you were able to make it home! Time does really fly when you are home for the holidays, though. It's tough to find time to see family and friends!

  3. Aw! That's great that you were able to go home for the holidays! It's always really nice to get to see family at those times of the year!