Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bon Appetit

I bet you thought I was finishing recapping my trip out to California. But if so you'd be wrong. I've only been saving the best for last... the food of course!

Since I was going home, it means there has to be home cooked meals. They were several great ones, but the only one I was patient enough to take a picture was at Christmas dinner itself.
My Plate
We have salad with cranberries, squash, and walnuts, prime rib, roasted potatoes, green beans, rolls, and yorkshire pudding. But what exactly is yorkshire pudding? Well I really had no idea either. But its basically a pastry made in the drippings from the meat that rises a bit like a souffle. He's what it looks like right after we pulled it from the oven.
Yorkshire Pudding

But not only was I home, I was back in California, which only meant I had to trip a few local favorites that I crave when I'm back in Louisiana.
In-N-Out Burger
The world famous In-N-Out burger and fries with their pink lemonade.
Rubio's Fish Tacos
And the not quite as famous, but really should be, Rubio's fish tacos. Rubio's is also the only place I've found where they still have Vanilla Coke as a fountain drink.

Finally there were a few new tastes as well, such as the night we went out to Delphine in Hollywood. I started off with the lobster bisque.
Lobster Bisque
For my main course went with the mushroom ravioli topped with shavings of butternut squash.
Mushroom Pasta
And for the last course, had one of the more interesting desserts I've had in a long time. It was a green apple risotto, topped with a slice of canalized apple, and finished off with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. Such a created concept that really lived up to expectations.
Apple Risotto
But alas that does bring my tales of my trip out west to an end. At least until the next time I'm able to get pick, which is hopefully soon!

Anyone else find that one of their favorite parts of heading home is all the delicious food you get to try?


  1. I remember seeing In-N-Out burger when we were in L.A. but I can't remember if we actually ate there. I think I was too busy trying to navigate those busy streets and crazy freeways to think about food! The traffic is .... omg! I have no words...

  2. Thanks for explaining what yorkshire pudding was - I had no idea!!

    Looks like lots of yummy food - esp that mushroom ravioli. Wow. That looks delish.

    I always look forward to getting home cooked food when I go home to my parents. They live in the middle of nowhere, so dining out isn't an option!

  3. That Christmas dinner looks absolutely scrumptous!

  4. Ahhh! You had to throw out the In & Out burger!! I love that place and I wish they'd finally move them to the east coast.