Sunday, January 30, 2011

In My Mailbox (3)

I didn't actually think I would be participating in The Story Siren's In My Mailbox this week. And then I chanced upon a sale at my local Borders. I would up picking up 2 books, both books that I've been wanting to read and will eventually buy anyways, but both were on sale 75% off for only $4. But once I got to the register they wound up being buy 1 get 1 free. So each book wound up costing only around $2. Quite a steal if you ask me. Now onto the books!

It Sucked and then I Cried by Heather B. Armstrong
Another blogger book I've been meaning to be. Once again I've read the archives to Heather's blog (, so I know what to expect. Still I'm looking forward to rereading her story this time in book form.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
I loved The Time Traveler's Wife, and while I've heard her follow up isn't as good it doesn't mean I'm not going to give it a chance. I'm not entirely sure what the book is about, but again at with such a good deal on owning the book I more than willing to find out.

What's in your mailbox this week? Did you happen to stumble on any good deals as well?


  1. it sucked and i cried has a cute cover. enjoy your books!

    Check out my IMM if you have time.

    Happy reading,

  2. Her Fearful Symmetry is on my tbr list. I read It Sucked and then I cried last year. The stories were all new to me since I never read dooce before.

  3. These look like some good books. I'm going to have to check them out. Happy Reading!

    Chelsea @ Rand0m Girl

  4. Ooooh, I might have to run by Borders today. It Sucked and then I Cried looks really good!
    I have had Her Fearful Symmetry since it came out and it's.... sat on my shelf. :/ I'm terrible at buying too many books and not getting to them!

  5. Looks like you got some good books. Enjoy!

  6. I love it when you think you aren't going to get anything and then you come across a REALLY good deal. Pretty much everything I got this week was a good deal!
    Happy reading!

  7. These look good. I definitely want to read Her Fearful Symmetry. I liked The Time Traveler's Wife, and I like Niffenegger's writing, so I think I'll like this book too.

  8. I love it when Borders has those 2 for 1 deals. If you go for the discount stuff, you can get books for crazy cheap. Enjoy!

  9. I have both of these books, but havent gotten around to reading them yet! I love Dooce!

  10. I absolutely LOVE Her Fearful Symmetry, it was one of my favourite books of last year.

    If you like it too, you might like The Thirteenth Tale

    :) xx