Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yes, as sad as it is to say, I'm currently ringless. Yes the engagement is still on, and no, I thankfully haven't lost the ring, but there is a little bit of a story here.

Back when the boy was ring shopping he found the ring he wanted and the diamond he wanted. The problem was that they weren't in the same ring. The jewelry store would have gladly sold him both, but they weren't able to move the right diamond into the ring he wanted. Since has was planning on proposing on our anniversary, they sold him the correct ring and would keep looking for a diamond with the right color, carat, cut, and clarity and get back to him.

When the boy proposed (and I said yes!), the ring he had hadn't been sized for me since he hadn't heard back on the diamond. So we wrapped a piece of cardboard around the ring so I could wear it without worry it would fall off. But with still no word on the diamond, and knowing we wanted to have a correctly sized ring before we headed out to California for the holidays we went back to the jewelry store.

Since no one had any idea when or even if the new diamond could be found the store is resizing my ring. Which means my hand is currently empty. Luckily, it is supposed to be ready by Friday so I don't have to wait too long, but even so my hand feels completely naked. It's funny that it's barely even been two and a half weeks, and yet I'm already so attached to it. I guess the only thing really to do is count down the days, hours, and minutes till I get it back!


  1. I have this monogram ring I wear every day. I forgot it one day when I was rushing out in the hurry and I felt lost. I can only imagine how bad it would be if it were an engagement ring.

  2. My friend's engagement ring took 2 weeks to re-size because it has pave diamonds in the band so it took longer to resize for some reason? Anyways... she said those were the longest 2 weeks as she felt so weird w/out it!

  3. Isn't is funny how much pride guys take in the engagment rings they pick out? Coby search forever for the perfect one and it is perfect. Now I can't get him to tell me which tie he likes better. Ha.
    Y'all have fun on vacay. Ring and all.

  4. we girls can get attached to diamonds super fast! haha. that's sweet that the boy wanted to get you just the right ring! sounds like he really tried hard and thought about it a lot.