Thursday, October 8, 2009

Show Us Your Team

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
This week's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner is Show us your favorite team, tailgating or traditions. Now I might get run out of Louisiana for admitting this, but until a few years I really had no idea who LSU was. What a way to start this post off right?
Me and the endzone
Proving things have changed
Growing up I really didn't follow football of any kind. Growing up in Southern California I remember reading in the newspaper about the UCLA/USC game every year, but that was about it. I would want UCLA to win this match up every year, since I was raised in a UCLA family. But other than that there weren't any games that really mattered to me.
Me and Liz tailgating at our first LSU football game
With Tiger Stadium in the background
For a lot of people they get big into college football when they actually go off to college. Except for me, I went to a tiny liberal arts school for college that didn't have a football team. So nothing really changed then. Although I'm sure if I had gone to a college with a big football team things would have changed then.
2009 LSU Tiger Football Team
Running into Death Valley
I did go to college in Maryland, which meant that when anything exciting happened in California I had to show my "home pride." And when I was in college USC started winning championships, so I become at least somewhat of a USC fan. Even a little bit of a fan of Matt Leinhart, even though he went to a rival high school. In 2003, all I knew what that USC had somehow been tricked out of a national championship they deserved. I wasn't completely sure how this occurred. Even more, I had no idea who actually won the BCS National Championship that year.
In the stands.... it's still pouring
Soaked in 2006
Until I randomly decided to go to LSU for grad school. Turns out LSU won the BCS championship in 2003. And LSU fans hated USC fans with a passion, for claiming half of their championship. I started dating the boy not too long after I started grad school at LSU. Slowly he started to turn me into an LSU fan. I may not bleed purple and gold yet. But I'm getting there. I know who the key LSU players are. I've learned far too much LSU football trivia. I get awfully excited and nervous during the LSU games. I've even started yelling at the tv. And I can guarantee you, that if USC were to play LSU now, I will most definitely be cheering for LSU. But, if they played UCLA it might be a different story.
Yes, LSU!
Go check out Kelly's Korner if you want to hear more people's stories. And of course, Geaux Tiger! Here's hoping they're able to beat Florida on my birthday! What a present that would be!


  1. I gave you a blog adward
    check out my blog girl =)

    love your pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love to be a tiger fan

  2. I have no teams :) And I like it that way ;) But sometimes I do wish I liked to watch sports, and had a team to cheer for!

  3. You are totally a LSU fan!!!! After your post about sitting in the rain to watch the game I knew you were die hard.

  4. I didn't have a team in college either. I went to a small Christian university in West Texas. Now if I had to pick, it would be LSU.

  5. Not looking forward to this less than awesome weather we are about to experience for the FL game! ICK. I'm packing my raincoat & slouchy boots as we speak! Hope you have a lovely weekend, girl!

  6. There is definitely something electric about going to an LSU game, isn't there? There is just a feeling in the air- it's just amazing. I love going to games in Tiger Stadium- there is just something amazing about that.

    Do you mind if I do this? I think it is so neat!

  7. I have watched every televised LSU game every season since I can remember. My parents really do bleed purple and gold even though neither of them went to LSU. I think we just like to stick to our LA roots. :)

    And I definitely did watch Anne of Green Gables. About to put Anne of Avonlea in. =)

  8. go Tigers.....we already have our game gear on.... Had a few minutes to blog hop and loved your blog. I have a great giveaway on both my blogs that will be given away this weekend....and all you have to do is hope you will stop by.