Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Relationship Survival Skills

Last we bought a new TV stand. It of course came in pieces, which of course meant we had to put it together. So together the two of us read the directions and managed to put it together. Or let me correct that statement, the boy read the directions and told me where to hold things while he screwed things in. The one screw I wound up screwing in got stripped according to the boy. I'm still not 100% positive what that means.

Once we successfully got the TV connected to the mount and survived we decided to tempt fate and also hook up the vcr/dvd player and his play station. The dvd players hasn't been hooked up since we bought this TV a few months ago, which as you might imagine has been quite a travesty for me. Without too much bloodshed we managed to hook up everything, and figured out how to get everything to work.

Isn't that a huge couple accomplishment? Being able to assemble furniture and home theaters without ending the relationship. Granted we weren't hooking up any type of surround sound, I hear that's the real relationship killer. But its still what I would call pretty big on the list of couple milestones.

Want to see how it all looks?
New TV Stand
Yes, I know you can see the TV stand from behind the TV. As soon as we finished I told the boy we had to take the TV off and move the latch up one notch. Clearly I was shot down. I was told that maybe when we move we might be able to fix the aesthetics. You might be thinking I should do it myself. And I would except there's no way I'm strong enough to pick up that TV by myself.

Anyone else considering assembling furniture and entertainment systems a true test of a relationship? Or what other non-standard relationship tests are out there?



  1. This is a relationship test that J and I have not had to weather yet. I'm pretty sure I'm the handier one though!

    Btw when you strip a screw it means you removed the thread that spirals around the screw which means it doesn't screw in properly and doesn't have as much grip (more likely to come out).

  2. I think you guys did a great job! Congratulations on not becoming another building something together relationship fatality :)

  3. Haha, well - I shouldn't say this - but planning the wedding was a nice little test of our relationship. It felt so good to come back to our apartment after the honeymoon and put away all of my wedding planning stuff!!

  4. LOL yes, that definitely is a test of a relationship ;)

    I would also add to that traveling!

  5. Hahaha, a DEFINITE test. Me and Eric have... difficulties ... in the assembling area of things. Also in the packing and moving furniture things. Haha

  6. I'd never heard of National Blog Posting Month but it looks cool! It's probably much more doable than what I'm about to leap off into...

    I just figured if I was ever going to find out if I could write a book, now would be the best time!


  7. Haha, my true test for a relationship is being on a road trip together and seeing if you can handle the driving directions and getting lost together....