Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Courting

Part 1:We Meet in Math Class
Part 2: We Get to Know Each Other
Part 3: The First Date

It has been a while since I've posted about the saga of mine and the boy's relationship, so if you need to catch up the previous entries are linked above. The funny thing is throughout middle school and high school and wrote most everything down in a journal. In college I wrote about all my adventures (guy related and otherwise) on my Live Journal. Except when I started dating the boy I wasn't journaling anywhere. Really I'm writing the history down more for myself so that way 10 years or more down the road I'll have something to refer back to. But hopefully everyone else finds it assume to read as well.

Everyone caught up now? You'd think after the first date I'd be through with my so-called games with the boy. But no, out of the next 5 times he asked me out only 3 of them actually resulted in a date. I will promise you all that it really wasn't intentional.

There was one weekend were I was heading back to Maryland to visit my college friends. There was another weekend where I was going to a birthday party in a sugar cane field. Only in Louisiana right? That night was quite an adventure though. My friend's car was one of three that drove into a ditch. And getting a car out of a ditch in the pitch black in the middle of a sugar cane field is quite an experience.

There was also a Friday where I slept through his phone call. We had talked about possibly doing something, except I had taken a nap Friday afternoon. I woke up to a missed call and could have called him at that point, but by then I wasn't in the mood to really get dressed or do anything. I guess looking back that could have actually been classified as playing hard to get, but I wasn't trying to play any type of game.

What about the actual dates in this time period? He called again the Sunday after I slept through his call and wanted to know if he could maybe bring over dinner. I had a friend over at my apartment at the time, but invited him over anyway. I did make sure both parties were ok with this agreement. The three of us all hung out and enjoyed the Chinese food he brought. It was really nice at this point to be able to introduce him to a friend and get to have someone else's opinion on him. I would count this as our 2nd official date, although if you ask him now, he will say this night didn't officially count towards our date count.

The next date we went on wound up being pretty standard date for the years to come in our relationship overall. We went to dinner at Macaroni Grill and then went to the movies and saw the Robin Williams movie Man of the Year. (Not a bad movie looking back, but I've never had a strong desire to watch it again) After the movie we headed over to a bar where he attempted to teach me how to play darts. I'm pretty awful at darts, but he did let me win one game. Although if you ask him now he'll still claim I won fair and square.

When he dropped me off at my apartment that night he told me he hadn't been feeling well lately but otherwise he would have attempted a kiss. But it didn't happen that night. When did it happen? Well, you're going to have to wait to hear how that happened!

Which means that one month and 3 dates into the relationship (or 2 dates from his point of view) we hadn't had our first kiss yet. What do you think, too long to wait for a first kiss or not long enough? How long would you wait for a first kiss in a new relationship or how long did you wait in your current relationship?



  1. Is there a difference between dating and courting? Because B and I had been "dating" but not "officially" for a little less than a month when we decided we were officially dating (we didn't agree to, we just decided it had happened!!) and then I think our first kiss was several days after that (because the "oh I think we're in a real relationship conversation had happened over the phone, sighhhh long distance). Sooooo - about a month.

    Interesting. All the guys that it didn't work out with I kissed right away.

    Funny how the one I waited to kiss was the one I married.

    B and I want to visit New Orleans sometime!!

  2. I think it just depends for the first kiss... for the relationships that really mean something it comes later! ;)

  3. J and I didn't kiss the first week we met. We held off for that second week...

    Yeah, you got me beat with your month! :-)

    I think it just depends. The second time we hung out was in New Orleans and since I had to stay over at his apartment (he offered me the sofa so it wasn't weird) I guess it would have been hard to avoid the first kiss.

  4. Well, me and Eric made out the night that we started dating! Haha.

    Cute story, though!! I love that you slept through his phone call :P

  5. My parents encourage courting over dating. We were always in groups, with his family or with mine for the first month or so. Obviously, it worked for us. ;)
    I think it was several weeks before we had our first kiss. =) He attempted to kiss me before that... We were dancing in the driveway with my driver side door open so we could hear the music, he dipped me backwards and tried to kiss me (which threw me off).
    I ended up making him lose his balance and I fell backwards into the drivers seat - hitting my head on the center console. =) I still tease him about dropping me and making me hit my head. haha

  6. Aw, it sounds like he was all about you from the very beginning. I think that would be awhile to wait on that first kiss, but it worked for you guys!

  7. So cute :)

    I actually think that 3 dates is usually a good time for the first kiss... Or else I'm too shy :P

  8. I love reading these! as for the kiss question... with my first boyfriend, we kissed on our first date, which happened like a week after he asked me out, which happened after knowing him for about 4 months as a friend. it was my first "real" kiss and he was a little too over eager, I'll say.

    with my second and current boyfriend (I have kissed a few other guys but we are just talking boyfriends here, right?), we kissed before we were going out. the very first night we met. at a club. in the parking lot outside the club! full on making out in front of people, including our friends. oh, goodness. yeah, we were both really drunk, that's for sure. maybe not the best way to start a relationship, but that's how it happened, I can't lie!

    can't wait to hear about your first kiss with your man! :)

  9. This has been so fun to read. I'm glad you are doing this! He sure was persistent, though! :)

    As far as the kissing thing goes, I think there is this fine line, and I don't know how many dates or weeks define this line, but it's like if you don't kiss by a certain time of dating, it's just never going to happen it seems.

    I kissed the guy I'm dating now on our first date. It happened so naturally and was really romantic - he had walked me to my car and it was lightly raining and he leaned in for a kiss. It was very sweet.