Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vegetable Lasagna

The Inside
Amy's Vegetable Lasagna
I've been seeing this around forever, but I've been a little hesitant to try it. Partly, because lasagna is one of my favorite foods and I was afraid I'd be let down. I was afraid that since it was meatless it would disappoint me. Also that since there wasn't any meat it would be a little to cheesy for me. Especially considering ricotta is one of the ingredients in this, and its pretty much my least favorite part of lasagnas in general.

I did suck it up, and decided to make the jump. Of course I'm glad I did! The lasagna turned out even better than I imagined. There wasn't too much ricotta. I could actually barely taste any of it. I even forget that it was meatless it was so good. And there was the spinach, some might say that adds a meatiness to the lasagna, but I think it more just gave it an extra kick.

The lasagna wasn't perfect though. As you can tell from the picture the edges got a tiny bit overcooked. But it was cooked all the way through the middle which I guess is the important part. Other than that I don't have any major complaints.

Honestly I should have had a little more faith in Amy's After all they haven't let me down yet!


P.S. I know its been a while since I've posted a Frozen Thursday. With the change of schedule for the fall semester the boy has been home more often lately. And instead of making frozen dinners we've been eating something together. But I do have a few things in my freezer that I can't wait to try, so while I may not be posting one of these every week they will definitely NOT be going away!


  1. That looks pretty tasty! I was wondering where the food posts had went. Glad you're getting to spend more time together!

  2. I have to say, I haven't met an Amy's dish I don't like. I've been eating that brand for over four years now so I think I've tried all of the flavors!! :-)

    Thanks for the comment on my post! I agree that the Orthodox women do have a great sense of community. J's family and cousins all live in NY and range from Modern Orthodox to Hasidic. I have never met them, but he has great admiration for them and their lifestyle. I once had a professor at LSU who is also a Rabbi. I remember this one class where we talking about the differences between the different divisions of Judaism. He admitted that for a long time he admired Orthodoxy and strived to practice more like them. However, he also pointed out that once he had a daughter who asked questions like why couldn't she go up on the bimah, or why couldn't she go to the boys classes, that was when he realized that he wanted his daughter to have the opportunity to study everything a boy did, to sit with both him and his wife, to be able to dream of being a Rabbi if she so wanted... I believe he now classifies himself as Reconstructionist but practices more as a reform Jew.

    My best friend Bekah whose blog is linked on my blog, is going to school in Boston to be a Rabbi. If her family was Orthodox that would not be an option for her. She would have never had that dream and purpose in life... I just can't reconcile favoring one sex over the other when it comes to learning and faith.

    I do appreciate that the Orthodox women do study and learn in different ways and with other women but it's still not the same. Just like with J's niece for her baby naming at Chabad, she was allowed on the mens side for the aliyah with her father but her mother had to sit with the rest of us on the opposite side. To me that is not acceptable. To J's sister-in-law, it is and she sees the beauty of Orthodoxy to the point that she gets this dreamy voice when she talks about it with me which frankly, just scares me because it sounds like brainwashing!

    To each his own, but I know as much as I may admire the Orthodox and their ability to stand by their choices and lifestyles I know it could never be an option for me.

  3. Sorry for the book I wrote in your comments...

  4. I haven't tired her lasagna yet, but I don't think the commissary here has it. I really love Amy's dinners. I think they are some of the best frozen food around.