Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a Marketing Ploy

I was at the movie theater recently and noticed they were selling a new candy. Mini Chewy SweeTarts! I hadn't heard of these or seen them before, which meant I had to try them. After all I love SweeTarts. I love giant chewy SweeTarts. Which only meant I was going to love these too. (And I just realize as I was typing this there's only one t in SweeTarts. Anyone else noticed that before?)

I got in the theater and excited ripped open the bag to discover... I've had these before! Except they weren't called mini chewy SweeTarts. Instead they were called TartnTinys. They might be a few difference between the two types of candies, but basically they seemed to be the exact same thing. I'm guessing TartnTinys didn't have the most recognizable name. Whereas SweeTarts with all of the different varieties is a fairly well know brand. So they changed the name in hopes it would improve sales. Really, I think its just a marketing ploy by Willy Wonka Candy.

I might be wrong, and Min Chewy SweeTarts might just be really similar to Tart N Tinys. But either they are both tasty, and I'm sure I'll continue buying them regardless as to what their official name is.



  1. I love Willy Wonka candy but that's kinda shady that they just re-named on the hope of people buying it thinking it was new. Bad wonka bad.

  2. Yummy! I love sweetarts! The big giant ones are my faves to buy and just nibble at on lazy days with a book or movie.

  3. It definitely sounds like a marketing ploy to me! I work in this industry and it wouldn't surprise me at all for them to re-brand this to make it more familiar with those that are loyal to Sweetarts. They do sound good though :)