Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My TV Guide

Its that time of the year! Yes, Fall tv time. I unfortunately don't have tivo, and we only have 1 TV currently connected to the cable in our apartment. Which means I have to be a little choosy as what I'm going to watch. I think I've come up with a schedule. And really, I'm so excited to get back into some of these!

And yes, all times are central, since I do live in the central time zone now. Anywhere else, you can just add an hour to the time. And any show I didn't include a premiere date for has already started airing.

7-8pm: The Amazing Race (Premieres 9/27)
8-9pm: Desperate Housewives(Premieres 9/27)
9-10pm: Brother & Sisters (Premieres 9/27)

A pretty amazing night of TV to start out the week! Its really the only reason to look forward to Sunday nights.

8-8:30pm: Jon & Kate Plus 8

Overall, not a strong tv night for. I know J&K+8 isn't really a fall tv premier since its been on all summer. But I pretty much feel the need to watch it. Since I'm watching that, I won't be able to watch Gossip Girl. I've never actually watched an episode of it, so at least I don't know what I'm missing

7-9pm: The Biggest Loser (Premieres 9/15)
10-10:30pm: 18 Kids and Counting

Is The Biggest Loser really going to be 2 hours the entire season? The show premiers tonight, and while I'd expect a 2 hour premier, I wouldn't have guessed it be that way the whole fall. But sure enough that's how Entertainment Weekly has it listed. 18 Kids and Counting is actually on 8pm, but they do repeat it at 10pm, so I should be safe there.

7-8pm: Mercy (Premieres 9/23)
8-9pm: Glee
9-10pm: Top Chef

I've really liked what I've see so far on Glee. I'm not sure if I'll actually watch Mercy, but I've always liked Michelle Trachtenberg, so I do think I'm willing to give it a chance. And of course, there's Top Chef.

7-8pm: Survivor (Premieres 9/17)
8-9pm: Grey's Anatomy (Premieres 9/24)
9-10pm: Real Housewives

Thursday is probably the night of tv I look forward to the most. I've watched a few episodes of Private Practice, and might wind up tuning in after Grey's is over instead of switching over to Bravo. But I not writing that down as a must see. I think I'd enjoy watching Flash Forward, but its on the same time as Survivor, and I'm not willing to sacrifice that. Same with The Vampire Diaries which is also on at 7pm.

I know there are shows on Friday night, but I never remember to watch them. Plus I not normally home to watch anything on Friday night. So while there are shows on Friday I might enjoy, like Dollhouse, I just won't wind up watching them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Are there any shows you really think I should try to fit in? Or do you agree on a lot of my choices? I'd love to see what everyone else's picks are as well.



  1. I don't watch Jon and Kate anymore so I watch Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, which are both good shows {imo}. You should give GG a try! Oh I also watch CSI Miami on Monday nights. Definitely excited about the Biggest Loser too! I love 18 Kids and Counting, but always forget to watch.

  2. Whoa - 9/27 is a big night! I am so excited for the premiere of Brothers & Sisters!!

    I watch alot of the same shows. One show I watch that you don't is "Private Practice." It concluded last season w/ a total cliff hanger so I can't wait to see how it's going to start!

  3. Well, all I can say for myself is Thank God for Tivo!! I watch waaaaaaaaay too many shows. And thanks to that, I can watch all of them :P

    ps: I think you would like the show How I Met Your Mother! It's hilarious!!

  4. Ooooh, we watch opposite shows!! haha! I'm SOOO excited for this time of year. TV totally dictates my evenings. Unfortunately I work until 10 pm one weeknight a week so I have to pick a "bad" tv night! After my recent move I did not renew my DVR subscription but I'm THIS CLOSE to calling the cable company...

  5. I'm dying for Grey's to come back on!!

  6. Monday nights = Gossip Girl

    Tuesday nights = Big Brother (but tonight is the finale)

    Thursday nights = Grey's

    Sunday nights = Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters

    SO SO SO excited for TV season to be back. I LOVE watching my shows every week!

  7. I am also looking forward to the new seasons of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! I really want to watch Glee too but I keep forgetting. Other TV shows I am looking forward to though are my all-time guilty pleasures, which come courtesy MTV: The Hills and The City. oh, the shame. But I have a feeling they might be lame this season. but the drama always sucks me in.

  8. I watch TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much tv lol
    gotta loce tivo lol

    i do like your blog i am goinf to do one like that :)

  9. House, MD
    I, personally love 90210 and Melrose Place. Guilty pleasure!

  10. I can't wait for Greys!!! I'm sooo excited! And you doesn't love the housewives?!?!

  11. I love fall tv. I'm so excited about Deperate Housewives. I love the Real Housewives on Bravo but I've never been into the Atlanta seasons. I hope they do a new one soon... I love Orange County.

  12. I don't think I can say enough about Glee. I love it. Love love love it. PS My Thursday is pretty full, but with totally different shows. Office, 30 Rock, Project Runway, plus high hopes for Community. Project Runway is a necessity though, you should check it out :)