Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

Today started out quite promising. The Boy's parents were buying a new couch. And thus we were going to inherit their old couch. So he left around 9-ish this morning to pick it up. I was in charge of cleaning the living room (mostly check) and doing laundry (not even close to a check).

So around 11-ish or so, there's a knock on the door and the couch has arrived. The boy, his father, and one of his friends start unloading the couch. I love outside, noticing only one car and the following conversation ensues.

"You were able to get all parts of the couch in one truck?"

The Boy replies, "No my truck is on the side of the interstate."

"With the rest of the couch?"

So they left and went back to The Boy's truck. Unloaded the couch from one truck to the other, while stopped at the side of the interstate. And brought it here all here. Our living is over halfway full with an L-shaped couch. And a pink armchair. Which is currently hanging it with no where to go. It might wind up in the second bedroom, aka the large closet. But moving on...

The boy and I went back to the car and waited 30 mins for a tow-truck. This was my first time ever stopped on the side of the interstate. Not so much a fun experience. Especially when I have a tiny little car and every time a huge truck drives by is shakes everything like crazy.

The tow truck arrives, and gets the Boy's tuck hooked up, which gets towed to the Chevy dealership. Which is closed because it is Sunday. We unload everything from the truck, (since it is a 98 and ridiculously old and he was already planning on buying a new one). I found a bag of Lays potato chips in the car and proceeded to eat them as my lunch. Then we head over to a Mazda dealership to see if they had any really good deals.

Not so much unfortunately. So we headed back to the Chevy dealership, since it didn't look like he would be buying a car the next day or something. We put his car key in the drop box, so they could look and it and see how much it would cost.

Then we drove to the Boy's parents' house to pick up one of their cars. While there I ate a Cinnamon graham cracker and 4 or 5 pretzels to add to my lunch. He drove their car, I drove my car. We stopped at a gas station. The Boy got gas. I bought a Vanilla Coke (Heaven! Remind me to blog about my ups and downs with Vanilla Coke sometimes) and Sour Patch Extremes (Overall not too extreme).

Then we went back to the Chevy dealership. The Boy had forgotten his LSU parking pass inside the car. Luckily his parents has an extra key (he was in the drop box, remember).

Then we stopped by another Mazda dealership. And finally made it back to the apartment by 3-ish. And there went 3 hours of my Sunday. Fun times.


P.S. Props to anyone who knows where the title to this post is from.


  1. that sounds like a crazy day!

    oh i remember vanilla coke...those were the good ol days

  2. Oh no, I hate it when stuff like that happens!