Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too much coffee

I'm seriously confused by some of the google ads my blog gets. Some of them make a lot of sense. New Orleans Plantations. Well I just posted about about my trip to Oak Alley. A parallel parking car. In that same post I did talk about driving the wrong way down a one way street. But others...

I keep getting ads about having yellow teeth! Seriously! Does this mean some google spy is looking at my pictures, saying my smile isn't yellow enough? I've never talked about toothbrushes or brushing my teeth, so what is it?

The only possible explanation is that I talk about drinking coffee to much. They must assume that because I drink coffee I must have yellow teeth. I mean they aren't perfect. And I have actually whitened my teeth before (it was back in high school). Of course by posting this I'm only going to make the problem worse, so I apologize in advance about all the added dental hygiene adds you will probably see do to this. Sorry! Anybody else notice any other weird ads here, or even on your own blogs?



  1. Haha, I rarely ever look at my own blog page because I just use google reader to read other peoples blogs. But my friend told me I had an ad for wrinkle cream on my page the other day. If the ads have anything to do with me then all I have to say is Ouch!!

  2. I didn't know the ads were adjusted to the contents of the blog...but that's pretty funny!!! I'll be on the look-out from now on ;)

  3. The current ad is for the Lexus car that paralell parks itself. Now this is too funny....I'm a horrible parker and this car is right up my alley! Now I just need a blog sponsor to pay the hefty price tag :)