Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taco Night

Last night went as planned. The Boy got home from worked a little after 3, and then we headed to the theater for a 4:15 matinee of Watchmen. Surprisingly, this was a lot of people's plans because the theater was awfully full for a Saturday Matinee.

Not having read the comics I wasn't really sure what to expect. I did like how doing the opening credits they gave kind of a montage of the history of the watchmen. But even so, I had a hard time trying to figure out who was who.
"Wait, is this one the older one?"
"Are they dating?"
"So one is the mother one if the daughter?"
I think eventually I got it figured out. I did like it overall. As I said, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but it did live up to my expectations.

The boy, having actual read the comics actually had read the comics (which was quite helpful during the above questions). He said they didn't really deviate from the ending which he was happy about. But the book and the movie have a somewhat different feel to them.

There was one part I said something along the lines of, "Do they Watchmen have any super powers?" To which he replied, "That's the whole point of the movie." So good for as to being able to pick up on that.

Overall, I would recommend the movie to most anyone. Although the one demographic I wouldn't recommend it to? That would be babies? But that didn't stop a woman and her husband from walking in with a stroller with a BABY in it. A baby who cried during th sex scenes? Seriously? If you can't afford a babysitter, then don't go to the movie? And if you HAVE to go to the movies with a baby, don't take them to see a rated R movie!

Coming out of the theater three hours later in the dark, we had one more stop before we could make tacos. We had forgotten to buy lettuce. So we stopped at the store. Really dangerous idea. Come out with salsa, feta, salad dressing, beef sausage, garlic and herb focaccia, and of course lettuce.

But home we went. We were making tacos, and when I think crunchy tacos, so I fried my shells.

Fried Taco Shells

The Boy however wanted his soft, which made life easy. The B wanted to buy the taco spices, but I said no. I didn't use them growing up, and we didn't need to use them either. Instead we just seasoned the meat with onions, Tabasco, and Tony's (the Louisiana cooking spice that people here will put in most anything). Overall, it turned out pretty good.

All the fixingsMy two Tacos

Don't ya think?

And in case you are wondering about the focaccia? Well here it is:

Focaccia, Sausage, and Cheese

Paired with the sausage also purchase when the only really need was lettuce. And Dubliner cheese. Purchased at the previous shopping trip. Another food I feel in love with in high school, and then stop eating after going a bit overboard.

Tonight the plan should be much more low-key. The boy is working, so my night will probably be sent folding clothes, watching TV, and eating leftovers. Sounds like a plan to me!

Watchmen photo from Flickr originally uploaded by elblogazodelcomic.
All others taken by me


  1. Those taco's look delicious and we're heading out the door to watch that movie in a couple hours :-)

  2. My friend worked on the sound editing for Watchmen. I hardly ever see movies, so she wasn't too happy with me when I asked her if it was a sci-fi flick. Whoops! We saw the Wrestler and I didn't really like it much. The acting was great but not my idea of an uplifting film on a Sunday night.

  3. Thanks for the review of Watchmen! I don't know what to expect either (I'm going to see it this Saturday with my siblings), but I heard the comic was famous and everyone who loved comics, enjoyed the Watchmen comic.

  4. Mmmm, that food looks fabulous! I am starving now!! :)

  5. I had been interested in how a non-reader of Watchmen would react to the movie. Thanks for that.