Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor Reflections

So The Bachelor last night was exactly what the spoilers said it would be. He proposed to Melissa. Then on the ATFR he broke up with Melissa and decided he wanted to be with Molly. I was at least glad the spoilers got some of it wrong.

They said after he proposed to Melissa they called her parents. That her parents didn't approve and that's why he was crying on the balcony.

Wrong! He did get to call Melissa's parents. But before the decision. And the crying was when he broke things off with Molly.

Now maybe this is just me being optimistic but I really really don't think this was staged. I do think he was definitely an ass to Melissa. And prob should have tried things was longer than 6 weeks. I do get that he wasn't able to stop thinking about Molly. But I can't see how after breaking up with Melissa and starting things with Molly he'd just be able to stop thinking about Melissa either. And I think if the situation had been reversed and he proposed to Molly he wouldn't have been able to stop thinking about Melissa.

I do think he kind of dug himself into a hole before the season started. During all the promos for the show he kept saying how happily engaged he was. So everyone knew he got engaged. Everyone knew he was "happy." It was only when the show started to air things changed. (Maybe that's what it was. Maybe he saw himself with Molly on the show and was like Wow. Who knows)

Moving on. At that point ABC had a dilemma on their hands. Sure him and Melissa could have just broken up and never had an ATFR special. They've done that before with Travis and I think Matt too, right? But he had already said they were happily engaged in January. And not showing a post finale special would only make people wonder. But they still could have done it.

I guess the biggest obstacle was that he wanted to start things up with Molly. And again, there have been other Bachelors that dated the other girls from their show. Didn't Lorenzo do that? But I'm pretty sure Jason is the most watched Bachelor in a long time, if not ever. So clearly, ABC didn't want to do nothing. They saw they could get a ratings boost by airing this whole fiasco. Which is what they did. I think think they told Jason who to pick. I don't think the whole thing was staged. I don't think he was talking to Molly while he was dating Melissa. But I do think Jason was an ass for only giving her 6 weeks. And I do think ABC definitely took advantage of their situation, which was their right. This was a television show after all.

I'm really curious to see how tonight will go. I hope Melissa refuses to see Jason. I know if I were her I would. Also knowing that it has been 6 weeks since last night's special and that Jason and Melissa had 6 weeks together it will be interesting to see where Jason and Molly are. (I found the time details out from Chris Harrison blog. So I guess we'll see what happens.



  1. I definitely don't think that ABC cooked all this up. It's totally Jason, I believe that ABC caught wind of Jason's indecisiveness and saw dollar signs. Plain and simple.

    Poor Melissa...

    I really did think Jason was a better guy than that!

  2. My sister loves that show! She told me there was one woman from Blue Island, Illinois who was on the show. Blue Island is where I grew in. :)

  3. Ughhhhhhhhh. Still so angry about this! Jason is a scumbag...I do think ABC is partially responsible.