Monday, January 20, 2014

January Blog Love

I'm excited to announce my newest sponsor Carolynn of Kitty Adventures.
Kitty Adventures
Each month I like to spotlight my favorites posts from my sponsors, and honestly had a hard time doing so this month because there were so many posts I thought should be here. So while I'm listing these three posts as my favorites for the past month, I highly recommend you check out all her other posts that I wasn't also able to highlight.

Our Biggest Fight
"My husband and I have been married for just over a year now! Isn't that exciting? I've definitely learned a lot in this year. One thing I've learned (and knew, before marriage) is that communication is extremely important. But after marriage, I've re-learned that communication isn't just important, it's crucial! Without it, hilarious and amazing misunderstandings abound! One person says something, and then the other person totally does not understand the premise or even the words, causing the message to be totally twisted and misinterpreted. If you are in any sort of relationship, I'm sure you can relate."
Here Today, Gnome Tomorrow
"He arrived looking rather cute. I let him hang out on my bookshelf for awhile and watch all the shenanigans that my husband, friends, and family participate in. I even played a prank by hiding him..."
Knitting Storage

If you want to look into sponsoring From L.A. to LA, be sure to check out my sponsor page.

What are your favorite posts from around the blogosphere this past month?

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