Monday, September 10, 2018

20 Months Update

20 Months
You're 20 months old! No official visit this month, or even weight check, but based on our scale you're almost to 19 pounds. You're still wearing a mix of 9 and 12 months clothes. We did just buy you a new pair of shoes, and you're up to size 6.
May 21
I know I said it last month, but at this point you really truly have left babyhood behind. I'm still slightly in disbelief. In general you can communicate whatever it is you want, either by a word or grabbing someone's arm to pull them somewhere. While overall you are using single words, today I heard you for the first time stringing words together ("That's mine!").
May 28
You want to do everything your sister is doing. At daycare they give out smarties for potty training and the older kids when you leave you can ask for a treat. Well, you've figured this out and now ask for a treat alongside your sister everyday as we're leaving. It seems you've left the highchair behind because if Elley is sitting at her table, then you want to be sitting at the table too. Or if she's having juice, then you need to be having juice too.
May 29
You are a tiny bit obsessed with lawnmowers, which sound a bit like "mamow" when you say it. But if we're ever leaving the house and there's one outside, it will be a struggle getting you into the car.
June 2
You are on the go non-stop. I think you'd probably run into a brick wall and just stand up and move on. You aren't quite stronger than your sister, but have learned you can fight back by biting, which you'll do while manically giggling.
June 11
I still really and truly can't believe how big you're getting. It seems like yesterday we were awaiting your arrival, and now I'm about to be planning your second birthday party. Seriously?!?! How are we already here. I just know I'm going to blink and you'll be heading off to school, and then college, and so on... and it's already getting bittersweet.
June 17
Here's a comparison with your sister at 20 months.
20 Months
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  1. Gosh he is a cutie! Seems like him and Paul are built similarly as Paul is also very lean! I'm guessing that Paul will be 18 pounds at a year but we'll see if I am right. He's 13.5 pounds right now.

    It is crazy how fast time goes when you have a child. Some parts of the first 6 months went kind of slow, like the month when sleep was a huge challenge. But now that I'm back at work, the weeks fly by!!