Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm the Nurturing Type

For a while now I've always been jealous of everyone else's Influenster boxes. Except now I can finally join the crowd, since I received my first complimentary box from them for review. Of course, it's the perfect box for me since it's a Nurture box for moms, something that's still fairly new to me as well.
My Nuture Vox Box
First for the smaller items there were coupons for Uncle Ben's flavored rice and OreIda potatoes. I haven't had a chance to use these yet, as you'll see is the theme for most things here, but since they expire somewhat soon, I'll need to get on that!

Something that's more for me than Elley, is the Hada Labo Anti-Aging Facial Mask. I can't remember the last time I used a face mask (maybe in high school?), but I'm looking forward to making the time to relax a little and try this out.

Then there's something definitely more for Elley than me, skinfix diaper cream, the perfect size to throw in the diaper bag.

Next up is something that we can both use, Blue Lizard sunscreen in sensitive and sport versions. Sadly, I've yet to be in a bathing suit this summer. But we'll be heading out to California next month so not only will I hopefully get to spend time in one, it will also be Elley first trip to the beach. (And first plane ride too, but I'm trying not to think about that!)

There is one more item best geared for Elley, or at least her in a few years, and that's Attitude hair detangler. I remember how awful it was having my mom brush my hair when I was little, but hopefully this is able to make that process a little smoother for Elley.

Last but certainly not least, were my Red Vines. Out of everything in the box this is what I was most excited about which is a little silly since I buy them all the time. But seriously, I think there's Red Vine people in the world and then people who have only tried Twizzlers! I made quick work of these though and devoured them the last time the boy and I went to the movies.
While we may not be road tripping this summer, I'm taking my fav road trip snack to the movies instead. #redvinesroadtrip #contest @redvines #influenster
All in all a package worth waiting for and I'm excited to see what else makes it my way from Influenster!


  1. I miss being able to have red vines and Twizzlers - they both have wheat in them so I can't have them. :( That is cool that the package had things for both you and Elley! And how exciting that you are going to CA soon - I hope the flight goes well!!!

  2. Very nice package with lots of cool things!

    Good luck on the plane! I'm sure she will do well. Jerry and I are trying to save up for a trip to California next year to visit his family. I've never met them and neither has Caleb so we definitely need to go, but I'm really nervous about bringing him on a plane too.

  3. I didn't actually know there was a difference between Twizzlers and Red Vines. I will have to look for Red Vines although maybe they are only available in The States???

  4. I have a new VoxBox sitting at home for me. My husband went through it with me on the phone tonight. I'll be back in Georgia Wednesday, and I can't wait to start trying out my products!