Thursday, July 23, 2015

7 Months Update

You are 7 months old!
July 11
There's no official doctor's visit this month so we don't know exactly how big you are, but I'd guess somewhere around 13 lbs. Although we do have a weight check on the 24th to make sure you're gaining enough weight, so we should have an official number soon.
Tutu Baby
Wearing Your First Tutu from Your Godmother, June 14
You're still primarily in size 3-6 months clothing and wearing size 2 diapers. I have opened your bumgenuises one row on the legs, but closed one row on the waist, so only one is open there.
June 18
On top of the food you had eaten last month we've now had peas, applesauce, carrots, chicken, and mashed potatoes. Still, we've yet to find anything that you haven't seemed to enjoy.
June 18
In the biggest news of the month, you've started crawling! It's more of an army crawl than on your actual knees, but you can definitely get where you want to go. Especially if there's something you're not supposed to have in front of you, more specifically cell phones, remotes, or like in the video above a vcr (which actually isn't even hooked up, but it is still officially in our house!).
Your First Father's Day, June 21
Not that you're mobile you've really starting to play with your toys. In general, it's a lot easier to keep you happy since you're able to entertain yourself crawling between your various toys.
So Excited
June 23
You've started to show a bit of separation anxiety as well and freak out a bit whenever your Daddy or I leave the room. Thankfully you're still content at daycare drop-off because I think it would break my heart a little to hear you cry as I'm leaving. Instead I think you're just excited to have new toys and other babies to play with/chew on.
First Time at the Mall
First Time at the Mall, June 28
You had your first night away from us when your daddy and I went to see Garth Brooks in concert. (More on that to come, at least assuming I find the time to write about it.) We were a bit scared how you'd react when your Nana came to get you in the morning instead of one of us, but you surprised us and were fine by the change.
July 5
I feel like I saw this every month, but seriously, so much has changed since your last update. I can only imagine what new things you'll be accomplishing by the time I sit down to write next month's update.
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  1. she is so adorable! I love the headbands.

  2. She is getting SO big! Love her expressions!

  3. Ohhhh, the tutu picture is awesome!!!

  4. She is so cute! I love her tutu! That is crazy that she is already crawling - they grow and develop so darn fast. I am glad your first overnight away from her went ok!

  5. Such a cute little girl! Yay for crawling! I think the real trouble begins when they're mobile... Uh oh! Lol.

  6. Wow 7 months already? Crazy! I also can't believe she's already crawling -- my friend Jen said life got SO BUSY when her babe started crawling!

    Glad you had a good first overnight away, I'm sure it was hard but also good to have some time on your own!