Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mother's Day Take Two

Recently I wrote about how we spent Mother's Day at an LSU baseball game. Yes, we all had fun, but it wasn't necessarily how I would have planned on spending it. Which is why the following weekend I decided we needed to go to brunch.
photo 12
We went to our current favorite brunch spot, Another Broken Egg Cafe, where I had their cinnamon roll french toast, along with a side of scrambled eggs and turkey sausage. Elley even got in on the food action and gummed on an English muffin. Then promptly dropped it on the ground, but she seemed to enjoy her few seconds with it.
photo 13
But our Mother's Day celebrations still weren't finished. First though, we spent Sunday morning in the crazy heat at the boy's baseball game.
photo 4
From there we went to dinner with the boy's family at Acme Oyster House. His parents had actually been in Alaska on Mother's Day, which is why we hadn't been able to have a family dinner on the holiday itself. Basically we were able to spread Mother's Day celebrations over two full weekends, which is the way to do it... at least according to me!


  1. Glad you were able to celebrate it in the way you wanted to! Sounds like a nice time.

  2. Yay for a delicious and prolonged celebration!

  3. You might as well make your first Mother's Day count! And cinnamon roll French toast sounds amazing.

  4. Next year do what you want on your day!!

  5. That brunch sounds delicious -- and I'm not a breakfast person! Also, we're still finishing up our Mother's Day celebrations around here :)