Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6 Months Update

You're 6 months old!
June 11
Which is the same as half a year old! How did that happen?!?! You had a doctor appointment this month, which does mean more shots, but it also means official stats.
Sleeping on Stomach
May 14
You're a teeny tiny thing and are only 12 lbs 5 oz (2nd%ile). Your length measured the same as in April at 23.23", although now falling down to the 1st%ile. Your head circumference is basically the only thing that isn't dropping in percentiles at 41.5 cm (23rd%ile).
Someone caught us sleeping this morning #latergram
May 23
You're still primarily in 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers. And you're still wearing bumgeniuses with two unsnapped at the waist.
I Got These
May 30
You've tried all types of new food this month, sweet potatoes, bananas, and avocados of which the bananas were probably your favorite. Plus you've had a few bites of non-purees with pancakes, french fries, and I believe you may have even stolen one of your dad's Doritos.
Trying Bananas
Trying Bananas, June 2
You're still a pretty serious baby just watching all that's going on around you. You may not be the most smiliest of babies, but what that means is that when it happens it's even more special.

June 4
You're babbling now saying bababa, mamama, or dadada although without any type of meaning behind them. It actually seems to happen most often in the car, maybe because you're trying to sing along with the radio?
Look I'm Standing!
June 5
You still aren't quite sitting up yet. I do think you could if you really wanted to, but anytime you're in a sitting position whatever is in front of you is far more exciting and you learn forward to grab it.
photo 36
June 7
You're not quite crawling yet, but you're definitely able to get where you want to go. We'll set you down on the couch and while it doesn't look like you're making progress all of a sudden you're a foot or two away from where you started out.
photo 2
June 8
What you have managed though, is standing. You can't get there yourself, but assuming someone is willing to stand you up next to the ottoman or back of the couch, you'll continue to hold yourself up for a bit.
photo 6
June 9
These 6 months really have flown by. But I'm sure I'm going to blink again and as crazy as it's sounds, I'll be writing about your 1st birthday!
1 Month Old2 Months OldIMG_3341
1 Month ~ 2 Months~3 Months
4 Months ~ 5 Months


  1. Ah, she's so darling. And that face she makes while trying banana cracks me up! You (and her!) are really going to treasure all these little milestones and memories one day... It's so good you're writing them down! xo

  2. Aw, she is so cute! I love the expression on her face in the first photo! Even though she is a serious baby, you seem to get great smiles in photos so that is great! She really is quite the peanut, though!! But both you and the boy seem to be more long and lean so I am not too surprised!

  3. Happy Half Birthday! She is seriously adorable!!!