Friday, June 5, 2015

It's a Quiet Village

Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
: 1971 by Harper Trophy
First Published: 1941
Series: Little House #7
There were certain scenes I was looking forward to reliving when I picked this up. First was Laura getting to ride with Almanzo and the start of their courtship. Second was Nellie Oleson's return. I consider this my favorite of the series, which is why it was almost surprising how so much, besides the two events, felt new to me.

I couldn't believe how little I remembered of Laura's friends. Minnie, Mary, Ida, and Cap all felt new to me on this reread, like old childhood friends I had completely lost track of. Also all the literaries and parties were a pleasant surprise. I did remember that Mary goes off to college and that Laura winds up teaching by the end of this one, but I had forgotten how it happened.

One thing that did come back to me occurred when reading the calling card chapter. I remember how in 3rd grade I thought the idea of a calling card was the coolest thing, and decided that when I was a grown-up I would have my own, even if it was terribly out of fashion. Except now, I can't imagine myself ever having just a calling card with my name. A business card, maybe, but it's not quite the same.


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  1. A bunch of books I read at the same time as this involved calling cards (like American Girl Samantha). I might have made myself calling cards. Obviously, I was really cool.

  2. I think this is one of my favourite Little House books ever. It was just so much fun!