Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MMRR in November

I know I'm posting this a few days late, but we're still only a few days into December so it could be worse. But without getting too into December, here's a look back at November.

It almost seems unfair to talk about the top meal of Novemeber since it's hard for anything to compete with Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Plate
That was definitely the case this month as evidenced by my completely full plate.

Branching out a bit from the holidays, in November we celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.
In November, I posted review of 6 books and 2 movies.
Gracianna by Trini Amador
Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman
Woman on Top by Deborah Schwartz
Anvil of God by J. Boyce Gleason
Head Games by Erika Rummel
Mission One of Auggie the Alien by Leah Spiegel and Megan Summers
Thor: The Dark World
About Time
I would probably list About Time as my favorite from this month, but still really did love both Survival Lessons and Anvil of God.

Going back to Thanksgiving, in 2009, I wrote this post about my Thanksgiving traditions.
My plate
The photo above is from Thanksgiving 2008, which was the last one I spent with my mom as well as my grandpa.

What are your meals, moments, reviews, and remembering from this past November?


  1. Yum! Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious! I had a small thanksgiving in Paris so got to have turkey, but we did not have mashed potatoes so I am craving them now that I look at your pictures!

    My best meal of the month was Julia Child night, best moment was memories created that weekend and in Paris, I didn't do any reviews but my favorite book was Paris Was the Place, and I am remembering how last November I was about a month into dating Phil and was so excited to celebrate our first Christmas together.

  2. Since we celebrated Thanksgiving back in October, I'd have to say my favourite November moments are wrapped up in celebrating Chanukah :)