Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spirit in Style {Sponsored}

This post is sponsered by Dockers® Game Day Khakis
A few weeks after I first moved to Louisiana it was time for my first LSU football. Except as I quickly learned I had practically no purple and gold in my wardrobe. Thankfully I managed to find a single yellow shirt, which I wore to my first tailgate, and a single purple shirt which I wore to my first game.
Me and Liz tailgating at our first LSU football game
Me & one of my Bridesmaids at our first tailgate
Me and the endzone
At Tiger Stadium
In the years since I've greatly added to my purple and gold collection. In fact when I'm buying clothes more often than not if it's an option I'm likely to choose purple.
Waiting at CPK
Celebrating my 25th Birthday
At Alex Box
At Alex Box Stadium
My LSU clothes have been with me at some pretty big occasion from shopping for my wedding dress,
At Pat O'Briens
With that same bridesmaid and my MOH
to meeting blog friends,
With Melissa from Little Miss Maried
to the release of the newest Backstreet Boys cd.
In a World Like This
With A World Like This
They even traveled halfway around the world with me to Japan.
Someday I'll be part of your world
At Tokyo Disney
The boy on the other hand, having grown up in Louisiana has always had a big collection of purple and gold. But that doesn't stop him from wearing the same shirt, without washing it of course, for an entire season just because it's good luck.
LSU Spirit
The boy wearing Dockers® Game Day Khakis
Drenched from the rain
Drenched in Death Valley
How do you show your school spirit? And is there one color you wind up buying for yourself most often?

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