Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Social (16)

Every once in a while I'm all about the Sunday Social questions posted at A Complete Waste of Make-up, and this week was one of those. I may not link up every week, but always have fun when I do. Anyways, here are the questions that struck my fancy this week!

1. What is the first blog you ever followed?
It was Christine Coppa's Storked on Glamour. I used to be obsessed with their blogs and read each one each day. And it's through those blogs that I found some of my first and closest blog friends. As for Christine Coppa, I followed her blog to and, although right now she's not currently blogging.

2. What was your first blog post about?
I used to write on livejournal, and my first few blog posts were cross-posted there. But this was the post where I decided to start using blogger full time, and changed my blog name from "Shoshanah's Blog" to "From L.A. to LA." As a small excerpt from that post...
"So often I feel like I'm living the in between right now. That I'm in the middle of being a grown-up and a little kid, and I'm not quite sure where I fit in. It's kind of like I'm not really living right now, so I need to wait around till real life starts.

But life is still going on right now..."

3. Who left you your first blog comment?
Going back to my answer on number one it was Amber, who I found on the Glamour blogs, and who now blogs at Girl with the Red Hair. It was on my list of 25 random things, which you probably remember from facebook back in the day.

4. Who was the first blogger you ever met in person
I'm pretty sure it was Drew, who I don't believe blogs anymore.
5. What was your first “blogging milestone?”
Receiving my first review request from an author. Of course it was a book that wasn't a great fit for me, and one that I still haven't read. And while I still don't receive a ton of review request out of the blue (most of the books I receive are from being a part of various tours), the ones I do receive are a better fit for me, and I'm more selective with the ones I choose.

If you haven't answer these questions yet, let me know the answers to your favorite questions. And if you have and are stopping by from Sunday Social, be sure to say hi in the comments!

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