Monday, March 25, 2013

White House Down

Olympus Has Fallen
I feel like we've been seeing bad action movie after bad action movie lately. No, action movies aren't my favorite, but they are still some I enjoy. But it just feels like the recent crop has been pretty miserable.

Which is why I'm a little unsure how I feel about this one. It wasn't amazing, but compared to those we've seen lately, it was a lot better. There was at least an attempt at a plot here, which I appreciated.

I think my biggest complaint with it was how unrealistic it felt. The way the white house was completely taken over. The way Secret Service men kept walking into gunfire. The way every single person in the white house in the white house except for the hostages was killed. Just not realistic. At least thought it didn't feel fake, which I guess is one small step up.

I definitely wouldn't recommend seeing this in theaters, and think there's a lot better options you could choose. Again it isn't the worst movie, but I think you could do far better than this, even once its released to dvd.

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  1. I'm interested in seeing this purely for Gerard Butler. The reviews we saw said it wasn't the greatest film, but it was entertaining.